Nite 22 Days And Counting

it now been 22 days and my doctor appointment is on 31 May just recounted and this will be 45 days locked up. so in morning i will be half way there. i been looking a **** last night and reading stories and the pain was great. trying to get an erection was very painful but i was loving it. there is no way of me getting out of this with no key so i am doing ok sometime i want to *** but this is out of the question. just can't wait until my doctor appointment to see her face when she give me my hernia test or before when she is pressing down on my abdomen or belly because the only thing i will have on is my belt and a drape. feel free to contact me at susy-slate @ hotmail . com no space between everything. thanks
chastitybelt chastitybelt
36-40, M
May 8, 2012