29 Days And Still Locked Up

today is May 15 and it is now 29 days locked up. yesterday i had to go to doctor because i got a hemorrhoid Sat. morning and it hurt very bad. i was able to get into the doctor so he can removed it. i was taken into the room and the nurse told me to removed my shorts and underwear and lay on my right side and use the paper sheet to cover up. when the doctor and nurse came in the doctor when behind me and the nurse in the front of me. she had me move close to her so she can hold my checks apart but the problem was my chastity belt was pushing up against her leg. she looked down at me and smiled. she did not say anything but i know that she knew what i was wearing.
chastitybelt chastitybelt
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

yes i was hoping that it fall off of me while laying there.

Too bad the paper sheet was there...