Today Is Now Day 35 May 21 2004

i am now been locked up for 35 days, last night i had diarrhea real bad so i put on my depends so i could get some sleep. bad mistake on my part woke up dirty and my as s and balls were burning, so i soaked in the tub after a quick shower to clean up. even that was stinging and after getting out i ended up putting on diaper cream, going to have to wear depends today until my stomach is better. the burning is slowly going a way put will keep putting on the cream every couple of hours. 10 more days to go before my yearly physical and at lease 45 more days before i can **********. i hope when that time comes i will go for 180 days and then the hole year. i want to see if i can really go for 1 year without ************. Saturday i was able to take it off for deep cleaning end notice that the tip of my penis head was a little white but all and all it looked ok. the next cleaning will be just before the doctor visit where i will be able to clean good and have to put it back on.
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36-40, M
May 21, 2012