Before i got married i was a little to into photos of girls, and my wife knew that wen we got married. She brought me a stainless steel belt and forced me to wear it 24/7/365 except when we were having relations. To be fair I also locked her in one. It so much better now because I cant get out and when I do its in front of my lovely wife and I take all of the enery to her. After "click" it goes right back on. She loves hers they are very cofortable and prevent sex and pleasing myself!!

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Great that u are into chastity, and even more fair that both of u are locked up. For me, i'm the problem, me and my excessive ************, and definitely finished up my quota of ****** in my life. In order to maintain our marriage, her unfinished needs come first. I am to satisfy her sexually with my erection whenever she wants it, but am disallowed any *********** myself. <br />
She has the freedom without enforced chastity, she can pick up any man from her workplace if she desires, but i trust she has not crossed the line, if she does, what am i to do.

What kind of belts do you have? I am enjoying a Carrara. My wife (soon to be ex wife) didn't want to share much in the chastity department ... just for foreplay, and well, we had a host of other differences... But ... I'm going to enjoy some partner who enjoys chastity play some day! Congratulations on your having fun with the wife and chastity belts!