************ Cure

I am a married submissive cuckold to my lovely wife and she has placed my in a leather locking pouch enclosing my penis and balls which she modified so it has additional locking straps that fasten around my waist and it has a tube for a condom catheter that I wear so the pouch can stay on for long periods. I have been placed in this device twice when she has met a lesbian lover who demands that I be totally locked up when they meet. But the reason I am submitting this experience is because, as a demand from my wife, I am never to ********** without her permisssion. When our cuckold lifestyle began I tried to heep from ************ and I was doing quite well until one day when she went out shopping and I was on the web and I came across pics of large erect penises which got me very excited because I have bisexual feelings. I had to stroke my small penis because I was beyond control and used some tissues to catch my ***. My wife came home early and I just had time to place the used tissues under the couch and help her in with the packages. About 3 weeks later, just before we were getting ready to attend a neighborhood bar-b-que on the 4th of july, my wife called me into the kitchen and told he to stand right in front of her. She asked me if I had violated her ************ rule and I just stood there and said nothing. She looked me in the eye and said that she had vaccumed the rooms and found the tissue under the chair and she was angry with me and I had to be punished. She told me then to turn around and drop my pants and underpants which I did. I heard her open a jar and then she pushed me forward until I was bent over lying on the dining room table. She then told me to take hold of my *** cheeks and spread them and she predded a lubed finger deep into my anus. She did that 3 times and then I felt a pressure on my anus and she slid a 5" butt plug up my *** and then told me to pull my underwear up tight and then my pants. I straightend up and did as she asked and then she said to get in the car as we were going to the party. The party started at about 1 PM and lasted until about 10PM and as the time went by the plug seemed to get larger and larger and became uncomfortable. I tried my best not to walk funny and to appear as normal as possible so no one would notice. My wife's lover and his wife were hosting the party and my wife told them both of my ************ and what she had done to me and they took the opportunity to let me know what a "little ******" I was. I was humiliated and very sore.

When the party was over I had to sit carefully in our car on the way home. My wife then made me give her several oral ******* with the plug still in as she told me that, if she discovered I had *********** without permission again I would be whipped and locked up for a long time. I truly believed her and I have not violated her rule again. So she then told me to ********** and to *** in my hand, to then lick up my *** as usual and then told ,e to go to the bathroom, remove the plug and wash it, and then come back to bed.

The thought of being locked up in chastity both excites and scares me but I do not plan on testing her rules.
stevenewbi stevenewbi
56-60, M
Jul 25, 2010