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I've been into bondage and CBT for a long time. I've been experimenting with locking **** harnesses for awhile and have a leather and steel ring Stalion gaurd that locks on. I have slowly been getting my wife to like the idea that keeping me locked up will increase her enjoyment during sex since she will control this activity from now on. I have a tendency to jack off a lot and was looking for a way to curb this activity. I recently purchased a full metal locking **** cage that works very well but the back ring is just a little too small for long term use. All the versions I have found of this item that are affordable have a 1 3/4" back ring and from past experience I have discovered that I need a 2" ring to avoid constant pinching. It is very painful to wear this smaller ring and it leads to swelling, but not the good kind. I might just have to bite the bullet and purchase the same style of cage from another vendor that supplies it with 3 different size rings. Otherwise I will not be able to reach my goal of full time encasement. My wife really likes the idea now that she has seen the benifit of me not jacking off all the time by myself.
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I've been useing my CB-6000 for about 7 months now. The longest time locked so far has been just over 30 days. I got pretty used to it over that time period but there was still some discomfort. I have to go pee about every 2 hours or the pressure builds. This has not been that bad the last few months and now the wife has complete control over when the cage is removed. She is not concerned with my discomfort. I have experimented with different stud lengths and have settled with the 2nd longest one. Since I am 8" hard, I need to stay with the 2" back ring or it can get painful. If I don't pack the cage, there is a lot of skin backed up at the gap that also contributes to discomfort. I now wrap the shaft with a corner of a thin shopping bag and drag the shaft into the cage. This method packs the cage and gives me a little more room at the gap.

I have the same a cb 6000 I was using the biggest ring and went to the next size only problem I have is when the underneath of my sac goes inbetween the rings where that void is.... other then solving that I love the feeling of being locked

I have switched to a cb-6000 and it is much more comfortable. It still can cause some discomfort but mostly at night. Too big of a back ring for some guys will allow the cage to be removed without unlocking, defeating the whole purpose. My wife holds the key and only she decides when the cage gets removed. I have gone 2 weeks as the longest time so far without getting off but she did remove it a few times for her pleasure.

I to wear a c cage and hate when it pinches and am lookin for a bigger ring in the back as well I enjoy wearing it but if I have jeans on or sit to long omg look out