Long Term Chastity

I have been in a chastity device of one sort or the other for over 14 years. Although at times i was not required to wear it full time. But in the last 10 years things have changed and it very seldom comes off other than for cleaning and inspection. My wife Mistress L as i must always call her holds the only key. We of course discussed the idea before starting going ahead and buying a device. Mistress demanded that i purchase one but allowed me to do all the homework and purchase one. Our first was a CB-3000 which although we are on the third one we still use. We also have a neosteel with ***** attachment.Of course like most men i did not realise how much this would affect my life and lifestyle. It took years to get comfortable in the device, and now i only get a chance to release once a month if i have been a perfectly subservient slave all month,every day without failure. Mistress L's favourite form of torture is to tease me by playing with me and getting me horny every day. She knows from experience that i get blue balls so bad that i get pains in my lower abdomen,and she will keep me in this state for weeks until she will finally milk me by playing with my prostrate gland. I did not wish for this in the begining as many men have, but i went allong without to much of an argument. L has told me hundreds of times how much she loves the power and control that she has over me and the more i complain the longer it stays on and without a milking. L has forced me to go 8 months without any release of any sort. So know i just behave and pray that she is being properly served and happy
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just like me an my wife<br />
i am lock now litle over 4 months now<br />
i di not have penetration sex with her i must use didlo or vibrator must perfrom oral on her when ever she feels like it<br />
i must obey an be good boy i do all the house work plus my outside work<br />
i lock in cb3000

If everything is stuck. You forgot to remove it?<br />
If it's fine LOL<br />
<br />

Hi<br />
<br />
I have been in chastity in one form or another for 20 years<br />
I have been married to M. For 10 years<br />
I am currently in a cb6000 but it keeps breaking during harder play sessions<br />
I have had to glue the separate parts of the ring into one solid ring :(<br />
<br />
Anyone got any advice

Your wife is right. Oral sex is much better and lasts much longer. The man must stay in cages. A little ************ fast once a month should suffice.

L certainly does not go without, She is not fond of penetrative sex but loves orall,which of course i supply on demand, always.When she does require penile sex i have a dozen male strap-ons she has me use.I never know ahead of time until she allows me a release and always having intercourse. But i must clean up my own ******** each and every time or else. I must always fallow every order to the T or remain locked up.. We both know our place in life and we are a very happy couple. We are both totally faithfull and only into one another, a match made in heaven

How do you behave? What does she demand of you in order to get release?<br />
<br />
Also how is her sex life? Does she go without? Does she have lovers?