Side Effect Of Chastity Belt

Are there any side effects of wearing CB6000.
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I wear my 3000 almost 24/7 and the only problem is sleeping which a bit of live before bed takes care of. And the other day I was at work(construction) and it was one of the first hot days of the summer and I got a rash on my testical but hope it was a one time deal or that baby powder will fix it. I suggest a steel one all the reviews I read say they wish they would of gotten one years before.

I've seen guys pics with a 6000 where they are pretty small inside the penis tube. That is not true in my case and mine is a pretty tight fit. I have worn it for just over 30 days at a time with only brief removal so I can service the wife but without my release. This activity will cause some ball swelling over time but not enough to have to remove the device entirely. Overall I have found my 6000 fairly comfortable and secure. Smaller guys will probably be able to slip out if they chose too big of a back ring. I have to use the 2" backring.

After several years of use the only effect I have seen is that my ball sack is much larger and stretched out

I can't say about the CB6000, but I know I had a serious problem with the CB2000: when I used a ring/spacer combination that would keep it from slipping over my testicles during times of the most flaccid periods, it was tight enough that when I became aroused, my scrotum swelled up and became rather firmly swollen and there were some scarily swollen vessels along the scrotum. I woke up on pain with that condition. I would suggest not falling asleep with it on, until you feel certain your body is compatible with that sort of device. I have since switched to a full stainless steel belt with an enclosed p3nis tube and "ball protectors" (which ends up looking much like an athletic cup, but made of steer, and having a locking waist). I've worn it comfortably for as long as 28 days (except for the outrageous horny torture, which is so exciting). I only took it off then because I was super horny and had the opportunity to spend some time in bed with an enjoyable woman!!! I find chastity devices to be very enjoyable as a sort of foreplay... Even if it is for weeks at a time.

If you trim the hair you won't get as much hair pulling which is a little painful. Over time your ball will start to swell a little from non use. It will take a few days to get the right fit with the various spacers and rings, but after a few days or weeks you will find the combonation that fits best and long term wear will be more comfortable.