My Chastity Story

I first heard about chastity belts when I was acting as an online slave to someone. He said he wanted me in a chastity device but I could not afford to buy one. I am no longer an online slave but I have ventured into chastity devices now. I have myself locked into a cb6000 and gave my wife the keys. She isn't really into it. I know where she keeps the keys and I tell her to hide them better. She asks why and I tell her so I cannot just take it off when I want to, that it can only be removed when she wants. She still hasn't hid them better, hopefully she will. I have been locked in for six days now, my record is nine(I was released for sex on the ninth day). With my work schedule and having my daughter around, sex is only an option on weekends. So if I am not unlocked for sex by sunday night then I know it is automatically another week being locked in. I use cotton swabs and a bulb syringe to clean everything so I am not released for cleaning, I am locked constantly. A part of me wants to be locked in for a month before release. When the time comes I hope to be unlocked, given a hand job, have my butt plug inserted, sex up the wife, get a good cleaning in the shower, and then be locked back in chastity until next time. I hope my wife one day gets into it and actually wants me locked up. I then also fantasize that she will make me stay locked up when I put on a swimsuit (I wear skin tight womens one piece suits).
moosebob moosebob
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3 Responses Feb 9, 2012

Well, moosebob, ... how did it go? .... did you have sex on February 12???<br />
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(I'm locked inside a Carrara right now:<br />
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Chastity Belts are simply addictive!!!

I was unlocked due to a sore that formed from my device. Haven't been locked again since. The sore keeps happening and I don't know what to do to stop it. Once the sore starts I have to be unlocked or I will get an infection at some point.

Been locked 10 days straight now. If i'm not let out for sex tonight, it will be at least another week locked in.