Need A Key Holder ♥

I would love so much to have a master or mistress lock me in a chastity belt. c; when a woman is submissive, she should have no control over her body, so having a master / mistress that would lock me up would be amazing ♥
AyyeBaybe AyyeBaybe
18-21, F
7 Responses Mar 25, 2012

I would so love to take total control of your body.
Enforced chastity, only allowing you to wear the clothing I say, even when you can use the toilet.
Total control of you would be such a joy.

Me too.

I lost my boyfriend who locked me up.

I know all about you. I've read all your stories and looked at all of your groups. You're a dirty ***** that needs to get ******. You don't even deserve to get ******. You should have your mouth ****** by 10 drunk guys at a party first. Then, after you beg with *** on your face, maybe some desperate ******* will **** your *** just to see you scream. If I had my way with you, I'd make you cry for about 3 days before I ****** you into next week, you dirty little ****.

If you are still looking for a Master and keyholder, let me know

Not sure if you are still looking. Would like to talk about your needs. Please add as a friend.

I hope you find your keyholder - forced chastity is mind blowing and exciting! Let us all know how it goes for you.

My husband sometimes locks me in a chastity belt to punish me.