Need A Key Holder ♥

I would love so much to have a master or mistress lock me in a chastity belt. c; when a woman is submissive, she should have no control over her body, so having a master / mistress that would lock me up would be amazing ♥
AyyeBaybe AyyeBaybe 18-21, F 9 Responses Mar 25, 2012

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I would so love to take total control of your body.
Enforced chastity, only allowing you to wear the clothing I say, even when you can use the toilet.
Total control of you would be such a joy.

Me too.

I lost my boyfriend who locked me up.

I would love ti take you in as my live in sub girl. If lock you up and make your holes mine. How do you feel about being bred?

I know all about you. I've read all your stories and looked at all of your groups. You're a dirty ***** that needs to get ******. You don't even deserve to get ******. You should have your mouth ****** by 10 drunk guys at a party first. Then, after you beg with *** on your face, maybe some desperate ******* will **** your *** just to see you scream. If I had my way with you, I'd make you cry for about 3 days before I ****** you into next week, you dirty little ****.

If you are still looking for a Master and keyholder, let me know

Not sure if you are still looking. Would like to talk about your needs. Please add as a friend.

I hope you find your keyholder - forced chastity is mind blowing and exciting! Let us all know how it goes for you.

Please let me know if you are still looking.

My husband sometimes locks me in a chastity belt to punish me.