My Husband

i keep my husnands on him for 3 months or so now and it seems to do ok as he wets the bed and is in diapers and plastic panties and used to ********** while in them. no more and he is much more the reciever while in it and I get a lot of enjoyment being on top and he says that he likes me doing him but some times asks for some reliefe but allways tell him when i am ready
diane43 diane43
26-30, F
11 Responses Mar 27, 2012

Good for you. I've been locked for over two years now.

Do you pee on him?

That might be kind of fun to watch maybe one of you could do him in his butt too.

If you don't care to satisfy him any more, there probably are some of us bottom types who would volunteer to suck him off while you watch

thats so cool wish i had a wife like you my wife left me because i can,t keep my bed dry

that is good , it is about you , not him .

That´s the way i am put under control by my wife also and i must say thats the best thing to do for me not ************.

You are a lucky sisy and maybe next she will castrate you so you wont have to worry about it any more

very nice, Diane!

I want to **** you in front of him. Game?

only if you would let him clean both me and you afterwards and them maybe have you **** him when tready

Deal! I'll treat him like a real *****!

I'd like to *** in your ***** so he sees how a real man tries to impregnate you and then I'll give it to him!

well, Diane, it seems you have finally put the baby boy where he belongs- under your complete control. I hope he appreciates all you do for him. The pretty plastic panties, thick diapers, everything that keeps him safe. You're a good woman.

thank you? i like to tease him some rimes and he says that it actualy hirts a little when he trys to get erect and that is part of his traing to be a submissive as well as the bedwetting sissy that he is

In my opinion, that's Exactly the correct response, "When I am ready!" Good for you, Diane.