Ruined ******...

This past Friday came around and like normal my wife let me out of my device. Wasn't sure what she ha in mind becaus the previous week we had our differences and I ignored her for the most part, I didnt do this intentionally but I happens. Well Friday night came around and like normal I was eagerly waiting to do what she asked then get my relief. After a good long liking and playing with her she finally got hers and then almost immediately turned to her side. At first I thought she was just gonna leave me there and I think she thought about it due to my whining and begging and her laughter, but finally she rolled over and started playing with my nipples which is a instant hard and said "I would but don't want to get yukky". I mentioned that he had a hand and she played it off as to not allow me any relief. After a minute I two more she began to stroke it "this isn't gonna take long is it?" she said. After about 30 sex of stroking I was right there and then she stopped...I thought she was gonna just stop there but she paper entry misse timmed it as she stroked it about 2-3 more times and just as I was ******* she just dripped out...I don't know if it would have of been better for her to of just stop rather than this. There it was barley even shot out just kinda ran out and she started her laughing again. For the rest of the weekend I was out and she wa always right there so I never had a chance to sneak one in and the teasing she gave all weekend I was hoping for something good yesterday....but here I am Monday at work locked up and I know there wont even be a chance for a release till this weekend where it is her bday. I really hope she wants my **** more than a toy or mouth...only time will tell
Lockedup84 Lockedup84
26-30, M
May 14, 2012