I Have Totally Surrendered My Manhood

Just over 2 months ago my GF and I decided, just for a little fun, that I would try male chastity; and so as per some of my previous posts we went ahead and purchased the CB-6000 chastity cage.  At first it was very hard and I struggled to come to terms with what I had let myself in for.  The first ten days were the worst as I not only had to suffer the discomfort of being constantly aroused, owing to the head of my **** constantly being stimulated as it rubbed against the cage, but also I had to accept the fact that I was quite literally at my GF's mercy as it became more about satisfying her needs over my own!  That said it has so far been an amazing experience to surrender total control to her:  Mind, body and ****!  She is always at the forefront of my thoughts, the tightness on my **** a constant reminder that I am devoted to her completely.  Giving up my manhood has made me almost totally subservient and has definitely brought as closer together (must stress we were never far apart), it has just given us a new intimacy to our relationship.  To be honest I have found it very liberating.  I find it much easier to concentrate on my work, fitness training and most importantly my sexy princess :)  Furthermore, I don't get distracted by ************ as I have more energy and don't have that feeling of lethargy that comes after ******.  All this after just weeks of being locked up permanently!  For me know, relief comes by the means of prostate massage which in itself is an intense experience and one which is documented in other posts.  In summary, I think it is perhaps safe to say that I have become a submissive slave :)
Lovetothong Lovetothong 31-35, M Aug 16, 2012

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