Giving Them Up !

Well, here goes. Years and years ago I was married to a semi-dominant female.From the start she knew I was transgendered.After our fifth date,after way too much livation.I awoke to a padlock around my testicles and a pile of pictures on the night stand.Soon after i was instructed that if my comlpiance was not met copies of all the pictures would be distrubited to all my close friends AND my co-workers.Of which, She worked in the office and I in the field.At this point i had no choice but to comply.I was rarely released from my lock and if so only when some other form of restraint was made available.As time went on she trained me in all that could possibly please her.But as time wore on she became more of a man hater,due to a bad abusive marrige prior and i was here form of release.In the end.After thirteen years of marrige,A move from the west coast to the East coast to be with her friends and family. I learned of her plan to have me emasculated and used as a house keeper for her and her four bi-couple friends.It wasn't easy,and after careful planning I was able to escape back to the safety of the west. Thank God ! the Dream Lover 2000 wasn't available then . So now I'm married to a wonderful woman since May 8 2004.She has known of my TG side from the beginning and has dealt with it quite well.Through much thought over the years and my last almost total life restructing.I have requested for my lovely wife to become my key holder, after a small amount of deliberation and a little research on the internet she immediatly consented when she found that my world would now rotate around her ! She is totaly happy with all the attention and soon i'm told,a Dream Lover 2000 is in the works as we work thousands of miles apart. Out of time ! awaiting MY LOVES, phone call. More to come. Huggs, SteffDenied
SteffDenied SteffDenied
51-55, M
Sep 18, 2012