Going Long Term Lock Up (part 1)

My wife and I have been playing off and on with chastity devices for 5 or 6 years. My first device was 2 permit rings (they were soddered shut by one of her friends husband) one a guiche and one forskin. She would lock a chain between the 2 rings. I couldn't get an erection but I could still play with it.

We next got a Cb6000s but I am short (3.5")and have small tight ball sac and small nuts so I can get out of it, but can't get it back on. With that we made a belt that looks like a cross between a jock strap and a strap on belt. That works and its almost impossable to get out.

Like I said we play this off and on and we were on a off time and just after Christmas, out of the blue the wife said she wanted to try a long tearm lock up. Up to now the longest was 6 weeks. I asked her what was long term She said she wanted me locked for at least 8 months (so we get through camping season and if if everthing goes well extend it to a year and then ??

When I asked when she wanted to start she said Jan 1 2013. So I'm now on day 9 of 240 days. I think it will be more that 8 months, like yearS. Its exciting and erotic but also scary. I've asked myself what the hell did I get my self into. I was the one that started this many years ago.

We are going to get a Tool Trap from malechastitynow. That way we can order the lenght and diameter that fits. Next I'll be getting a public piercing, and with forskin piercing she'll just put a paddle lock through the piercing and lock it to the cage. It will be inpossable to get out without a key or cutting it off.

We have made a contract that can be added to as time go by with the agreement of the lockee, the locked (me) and a friend. Wife's friend whos hubby made the soddered rings.

1 The keyhold will have one key, the friend will have a key. The and there will be one emergency key the locked can get to BUT it will be very easy to tell if used
1A Both keys will be around the lockee and friends neck.

2 The locked will stay locked up 24/7 unless the lockee want to use the locked item, for her personal enjoyment, for cleaning, for appointments when the cage would be a problem, (ie Dr. appoinments, airports) or when the lockee so seesa fit

3 The lockee can have the locked show the cage to others if she see fit.

4 The lockee can have a FWB if she wishes as long as locked can watch. (this suprised the hell out of me. We kind of talked about this over the years but she was never intersted. Now I know why long term. Shes tired of "Tiny"

5 Any and all changes to this contract have to be aproved by the lockee, the locked and the friend.

Lockee___________________________- Date____________
Locked___________________________ Date____________
Witness___________________________ Date_____________

(I will add part @ as the terms change

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How does it feel after two months?

I like the feeling of it. Makes me feel like I got something. I didn't have any trouble getting use to it seeing we've been playing with it for so many years. I do wish we would have started this years ago when the NEED to get out of it would have been much greater. I get out once a week (I still have to two rings and I'm lock with them) for a quick cleaning other that I was out twice in Jan. Got out for a weekend in Feb. (I did buy her a new car) she did have a FWB which really turned me on. That another story. if anyone wants to hear it.

Would love to hear more.

I have posted another part under Going long term part ii