My Story On Chastity Belts

Under my story "I wear girdles" I had mentioned that for a few years I was locked into chastity belts. That happened, when our kids got out of their baby-staqge and my wife did not want them to be exposed to my girdles.So I had to stop wearing them. Shortly after I discovered an advertisement for a male chastity belt. I could not get that out of my mind and had to order one. It was a William Jones belt. I wore this belt a lot, but my wife had not discovered it. Then I ordered a Carrara-belt and my "game" with chastity was discovered. My wife did not like it. As, at that time, I had to travel a lot around the region and stay over night, I convinced my wife that it was good for her to know if I was locked up and she would keep the key. This way I could not go astray. She accepted this solution. At the beginning she let me out often, but as time went on she felt it was unnecessary for her to let me loose and I spent very extended periods locked up. I was able to satisfy her, by licking her parts and sucking her brests. I had to content with no contact but was able to "satisfy" my self just by moving in thebelt. No contact was possible. This went on for a number of years.
One morning I felt ill and I stayed home. The pains in my abdomen grew stronger as the day progressed until I could not bear them any more. I called an ambulance and my wife. She was going to meet me at the emergency-room at the hospital. When she arrived, the buzz around the E.R. was the guy who was locked in a chastity belt. Very embarassed she unlocked me and I became "property" of the doctors, who moved me immediately into the O.R. and opened me up in front from the groin to the ribs. They eventualley found a ruptured vain in the back of my abdomen and fixed that. After a few days in intensive care and then in a regular room I was permitted to go home. Having come home, my wife made it very clear that I would never again wear a chastity belt. That is when the adventures, that I liked very much, ended....
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Sorry for your loss. I have a key that I carry with me just in case. But the wife wrote tenny "teeny weeny" on a busness card and we taped the key on ot with packageing tape. There is no I can get the key without her knowing.