My New Toy For 2013

after few months that i thought that wife is not interested in me anymore and is looking for new BF, she surprised me with new present for 2013.
at new year weekend when we were at home she called me to the living room and hand me wrapped box. " i hope you will like it, i spent a lot on this for you". i was surprised and happy and quickly opened the box. it was a "dreamLover 2000". i was so happy to see that wife still love me and want me for her use.
for those of you that never saw this one, its a chastity device (like CB300/CB600) but with remote control that allow your mistress to send electric shock to your balls. its not the first time for me to be in chastity belt and also not the first time to get shocks to my balls but this is the first time i was in chastity belt and not ready to be shocked 24/7.
after first hour or so that wife played with me, making me doing some house duties in record time..:), she started the morning by wakening me up by sending shock. for the first few days she managed to surprised me with shocks many times.
it keeps me focused and alert for every sound of her steps of every call.

happy new year to everyone !!!
doronen doronen
41-45, M
1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Sounds like a great toy! I would love to be awakened by a shock to my caged **** and balls - it is so hard to get up in the morning, i'm sure that would help a lot!