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Being Put Into My First Chastity Belt

I remember my first date with Ashley last September when my sister who I was staying with arranged it. Victoria who is one of my younger sisters lives with her submissive wife Joan and her daughters. Joan is an older sister of Ashley and was reared as a submissive by her mom along with most of her other sisters. But Ashley was reared to be a dominant in her relationships. I was very nervous as I would be going on a date as Carla and my sister warned me that I had better be very submissive around Ashley to stand any sort of chance with her. Victoria also informed me that I would have to get my own place by Christmas and move out with my girls. This she knew was going to be very difficult for me financially with the loss of Donna’s my first wives salary who earned nearly three time what I earned.

I looked at Victoria and understood her meaning be willing to become Ashley’s submissive sissy wife so we could move in with her and her girls. So Victoria dressed me in a white bra, panties, red hose, a low fitting black top, a red skirt to my knees and four inch heels. I was a nervous wreck waiting for Ashley to arrive even though my girls and Joan’s kept telling me that I was gorgeous as did Joan. Before Ashley arrived Joan suggested to show my willingness to submit to her that I curtsey to her and quickly had me practice making the girls giggle like crazy and me feeling stupid. When Ashley arrived I stood and curtsied to her when she entered the living room which she responded to with a smile.

Ashley then chatted with Victoria asking if her submissive sister Joan was being a good obedient ****. Then she took me by the hand into the kitchen told me to raise my skirt and then she pulled down my panties slipped on a pair of surgical gloves and put my girl **** into a **** cage locking it in place and telling me she would now control when and how often I would be allowed to ***. Ashley informed me that I would address her as Mistress when we with family and friends just like Joan called Victoria Mistress. I wear my **** cage with pride today knowing my wife and Mistress now controls me completely sexually just as the other submissive women friends of mine wear their full chastity belts.
sissywifecarla sissywifecarla 36-40, M 9 Responses Feb 23, 2013

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You are so lucky to be Asley's obedient sissy. Joan did you a huge favor by telling you to curtsey to Ashley as soon as she arrived. This allowed Ashley to instantly recognise your submissiveness to her and take charge by putting a chastity device on you to take ownership of you.

You are very lucky and live a dream life.

A wonderful story and I'm so jealous of your chastity. I so want my wife to lock me up and stop pretending she's married to a real man who's actually capable of getting hard enough to penetrate her ***** not a girly male who adores lingerie and dresses. I'd fully support her desires if she wanted a boyfriend and totally forbid me to try and have intercourse with her forever. I do so love the feeling of not having control of my little unladylike ****.

You are one very lucky sub. Your story is fantastic and thanks for sharing it. I was put in a chastity device on my second date with the wife. And that was years ago

I know what a lucky girl I am and I worship my Goddess wife and Mistress

you are very lucky to have her

Must have felt great to be accepted so quickly and put in chastity by Ashley! My wife/Mistress puts me in chastity when she wants my attention and to protect her penis from abuse! It is wonderful to have a loving Mistress take control!

You have a great wife are you still in?

nice to know you where put in your place

One heck of a date.

yes... nice. loved the curtsey part. they trained you right.