Finally, Inescapable Chastity!

If you had read a couple of my previous stories, you'd know that I was quite disappointed in chastity cages. The CB-3000 / 6000 is a kid's toy, not hesitating to break after a little tension, the one I had bought, a thick and heavy metal one was a lot better as it couldn't possibly break but still escapable even with a snug **** ring. Anybody who gave this topic a bit of research would agree that the only way you can get real and proper chastity is either with a piercing (no way I'm ever doing one!) or getting a proper T-style chastity belt. The stainless steel one that locks on your waist and has this metal part covering all of your genital area and your crotch, connected to the back of the waist belt. I was serious about proper chastity so decided to give this a try..

I had almost given up this idea when I came across this belt on the Internet. It was one of the relatively cheap ones but doesn't sacrifice any of the security the higher-end models have. Almost 2 kilos in weight with its own locking mechanism and special keys! The locking mechanism is good enough to rule out any attempt of lockpicking it. A tight metal cover makes sure I cannot even touch any of my genitals area, it's tight on my body. There is also a metal part that you can lock securely with a padlock and a shroud (to make the padlock impossible to attack with boltcutters) that covers the defecation hole and secures a... big metal anal plug tightly up your ***! The waist belt as well the crotch metal stripe that goes between the legs are fully adjustable, originally secured with nuts and bolts. You can see a picture I took when I put it on for the first time :)

This is where my craftsmanship came in handy. I had bought several rivets a few days back which I permanently fixated in these holes so that neither one of the waist belt or the metal crotch stripe can be undone. Once the hammer had disformed the rivets properly, they were there to stay... I realized that someday I would probably regret installing these rivets but I had to feel 100% secure in this belt! No cheating :-)

Now it was ready to be locked into, a proper and inescapable chastity belt :) As soon as I put it on I realised how much of a difference this one made over the popular and crappy chastity cages. This one was tight on my body but comfortable, I felt a little panicky as I tried to touch my genitals or stick a finger behind it but couldn't! All I could touch was sturdy metal, leaving my "prisoner buddy" in there, completely free from any stimulation attempts! I could not do anything that could even get it slightly excited, not even a touch, caress etc. Let alone use it for sex! My **** was imprisoned in a metal tube with a small hole at its end to permit urination, securely kept away from any ************ or penetration attempts. It was such a strange feeling, slightly scary but definitely VERY VERY arousing :) It managed to get bigger and bigger when I started realising just how secure this contraption was but the penis tube firmly stopped its excitement right in its tracks! And the metal anal plug made it even weirder! I had never tried sticking anything up my *** but this came with the belt so I decided to give it a try! It made the whole feeling a lot weirder! Having a big metal thing stuck in my *** and locked on felt - again - very weird but definitely exciting!!! I tried and tried to get free just to test it and it passed all my tests easily. This thing was not going anywhere once it was locked on, neither the belt itself nor the butt plug.

The butt plug felt uncomfortable after some time because my hole was completely sealed and no air could come out. Let alone that I walked really funny with this big thing stuck up my ***! I will try to use the butt plug again but don't think I'll be wearing it soon though. It is nice to have as an extra feature but I think I will be wearing the belt with no plug most times!

Completely satisfied with my new chastity belt, you have to think twice before giving all three keys to your partner though! If they think you should be kept imprisoned, that's just the way it's going to be, no matter what you do... It's really as simple as that, no key, no release! I will keep a key to the padlock securing my butt plug with me at all times though!!! I do not even have to describe what will happen if you want to defecate and you've got the anal plug locked inside of you :)
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How secure has this belt proved to be? How does it work out when you poop, does it actually go through the hole and leave no mess? I've been locked in a cb6000 but like you said they aren't the most secure things.

This is a nice question. Well, the belt itself is very secure. You have no chance of removing it without the keys. Provided that you fit the rivnuts into the desired holes according to your measurements. This is a fully adjustable belt so you have to fit these right below the lock in the front, at the waist and where the crotch part meets the waist belt at the back. Once you remove the simple screws and nuts and install the rivnuts (provided) so that you make it a permanent fastening, this is very secure. You have no chance of removing the belt or the butt plug if you have it inside you. Very comfortable too, comes with a catheter as well if you find it handy to use.

However, due to the nature of the organ we are trying to imprison (can vary incredibly in size, from tiny to huge) it becomes a real challenge to keep it secure when it has become tiny. At this point, with a lot of effort, you can squeeze it out. Although you would not be able to do much, the **** would have to be squeezed between your tummy and the metal shield, about half-length outside. Still not 100% usable for ************ or for sex but I am working on a solution for this as I am not satisfied till I have achieve a 100% inescapable belt. I am testing it, I will let you know in a few days how it works out!

Is going to the bathroom easy??? And I don't mean peeing :)

It is not hard but definitely takes a little more time. You probably want to spend a little extra time for your hygiene once you are locked in the belt. But it is alright it is just something that takes a bit of getting used to.

Very very few women would be neutral or negative to male chastity. It is possible that your wife still has this approach as she has never really experienced how this will affect you both, she probably cannot imagine the power she will hold over you and how that will benefit her and the both of you greatly in your relationship. Once you try and persuade her to really hold your keys and be firm and strict about how, when and if you will be let out of your chastity, she will definitely LOVE IT. You have to get yourself a decent and proper belt too. This one that I have is really one of the cheapest ones around, about 100 GBP. And it is not by any means inferior or less secure than the expensive belts. I will let you know how this test of mine turns out. I really really need my chastity inescapable, hopefully this trick will work out. I will let you know...

Nice review. What belt is it, and if your gonna wear it 24/7 what do you do for a living.

This is a belt that I got from a wholesale seller in China. It is very secure but is much cheaper than what Neosteel or other popular brands would cost. It is fully adjustable and you can experiment a bit to find the perfect combination that provides both comfort and security. I am an engineer (mostly office based) and yes, I wear this chastity belt 24/7!