Chastity Belt

 I wear a chastity belt sice i was 18. I got the cb3000 to my 18th birthday from my girlfriend. Now i have to wear a steel Chastity-Cage and she locks me off every 3 month to have an ******. But ****** isnt sex. She only gives me handjobs. At once at jear i can f**** her thats on my birthday. 

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10 Responses May 13, 2009

Still locked?

I must congratulate u for such an early start, i was only on chastity after marrying my wife at 31. In fact, all males should surrender their manhood to their gf or even bf as soon as they start dating as a sign of loyalty.

I am locked in a chastity cage and have been for several years. My wife decided I should wear one to eliminate my ************ that greatly effected our sex life. I *********** much too often. Now, she removes the cage every other day or so and teases me until I am about to explode and then stops. She then locks me up again for a few more days. I have an ****** about 4 times a year. I have to admit that it has truly improved our marriage and our sex life. I am frustrated most of the time because of being so aroused without any release, but I am always ready for her anytime she needs me. As she says often, she has sex more now than she ever did. I don't, but she does. It's amazing what a man will do just for the opportunity to ******. I am now a very attentive, cooperative and caring husband. As long as she wears the key to my cage around her neck, I don't see that changing.

MOST FEMALES do not know the POWER THEIR ***** POSSESSES!! If THEY would only use it, THEY could rule the world!!

slave john

i want 2 some one 2 lock me into a chastity cage 4 like 6 months- so i would have 2 stop my self from ******* off like 6 times a day-

How can men allow such a thing on them, I earlier thought that these things are meant only for females, as male DNA always asks for more.

I wanted to wear a chastity belt I bought a neosteel. When my wife found out how much it cost I had a first to wear it for a month 24/7. Now though I usually only have to wear it when I go out alone. Though if she is upset or mad at me I have to wear it for a week or more as a punishment It can get very frustrating wearing the neosteel as I cant get an erection all that happens is I dribble ***** a bit till she finaly lets me out

I bought my wife a "Qmax" vibrator 5 years ago.<br />
We haven't had sex since. She says there is no point as the vibrater is much better than i ever was.

Congrats on being so well controlled, it seems like she may be missing out if she doesn't get to be played with? Or does she prefer your fingers/tongue or a toy to get off?

no she is not free to have other guys or men. I have to maker her verry verry horny but iam allowed to ****** her only once a year - thats so boring!!!

I wish that had happened to me at 18