My Girlfriend Keeps Me Locked In Chastity

My girlfriend keeps me locked in a chastity belt 24/7, while she holds the only key.  We have a cb3000.  She lets me out to come every couple of weeks or so, though the period I have to wait seems to be getting longer and longer...  And she never lets me **** her at all, though we are really so close and intimate with each other, always sexual together.  She just prefers to deny me, she likes to tease me constantly, and make me crazy with frustration, until I'm willing to do anything for her.  She lets me please her sexually, but usually she won't let me out of the device at all.  She has several lovers who she ***** instead of me, she says I'm just too submissive to be allowed, and that I have a tiny penis, and that she prefers to keep me denied.  She prefers a man who is dominant and aggressive, she says I could never satisfy her sexually, that I have to be her cuckold boyfriend and submit to chastity in order to be with her.  And I of course will accept whatever she decides, I'm in love with her actually, and I would do anything to be close to her.  Though I get jealous a little, and extremely lustful and frustrated, wishing she would let me...  I'm always submissive to her anyway, especially as my sexual frustration builds up, and I know I can only have release through her allowing it.  I become so lustful, constantly aroused and thinking of her, aching for her at all times...

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amart girl my gf dose the sam

my 25 yo gf has me locked in cb3000 im 17 yo male

I got one put on me yesterday in a motel room by my wife I came out form a shower. My wife is pretty dominant When I walked out of the b room She said LAY DOWN...NOW ...I said I dont know if I like that,"It makes no difference what you like when we leave here that will be on you with a lock and it is NOT coming off. She found out I was ******* off during the day. and now that is over this will not slip off like the last one she put on me a CB 2000 this one is a 3 and will not budge iand I cant slip it off like the last one either Dam...

I'm in chastity but really like the thought of my girlfriend sleepIng with someone else in front of me whilst locked up. I've mentioned it and she hasn't said no but don't know how to move forward to make it come reality.

Ignore BS. You are probably happier and more fulfilled than ever. I know I'm right.

Dude, Are you putting yourself on ? Do you really want to be cuckold ? If i were you, I would rather do away with myself .

very hot, my dream fantasy! thanks for sharing.

that is great for you<br />
i am in cb3000 also right now its 4 months since my last release<br />
same as you i please her sexual other ways<br />
i love being in chastity

My girlfriend kept me locked in a chastity device until I sucked **** for her. She secretly videotaped me sucking **** and swallowing. Now I have to suck and swallow any time she says or she'll show our friends the tape!

Does your G/F milk you or are you allowed to ********** when she releases you from your cb?

I am married and locked 24/7 also.

you should take this to the next step and watch / encourage her to get pregnant with a live in lover. You make it happen / and then take full responsibility. Damn hot.

This is the way it should be. You exist for her pleasure. Be happy she lets you out at all.

If you're happy with the situation then congrats! Looks like you both are getting what you want.