I started wearing a chastity device, off and on, about 6 years ago.  Like most chastised males, it was my idea and it was for the usual reason, chronic ************.  My beautiful wife didn’t think much of the idea at first but, without any enthusiasm, she went along with it.  Gradually she began to see how my being chastised benefited her and then my life really began to get interesting.

I guess you have to understand my wife.  She is a perfectionist.  She is very uncomfortable unless she is in total control of her entire world.  My chastity added a whole new dimension to her idea of control and she started getting into it.  The first thing she did was to make me get my Curve shortened to the shortest possible length so I couldn’t get an erection.  She was not only going to control my ************, she was going to control my arousal.

She held the keys and I was released often enough that I couldn’t complain.  My ************ was finally under control and as a result we were making love more often.  It seemed like a win-win situation.  Then she got sick – really sick.  She developed a serious case of fibroid tumors in her uterus.  She began the endless period.  We stopped having sex.  She forgot about my chastity device.  I was locked up without any release for 117 days.  I didn’t say anything to her about my problem she was too sick to be bothered until the 117th day.  I told her that after 117 days of complete chastity I had finally come to terms with permanent chastity, or at least for the duration of her illness, and said I had no problem continuing.  She laughed, it was the first time in a while, and said that I was much too proud of myself, so she unlocked me.

Surgery was eventually required to cure the tumors and our lives returned to normal.  Today she keeps me locked whenever we are apart and whenever I’m not at the office.  She takes it off of me on weekday mornings to shower and sends me to work without it.  She knows I don’t have any opportunity there to ********** and then relocks me when I come home at night.  If she isn’t there I lock myself.

My ************ habit is cured and I have adjusted to my strange routine.  I can hardly remember what life was like before.  I know that this device is easily defeated in any number of ways but I no longer want to defeat it.  I asked my wife to take control and she did.  What more could I ask for.

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You are lucky to have such a wife are indeed. I played with chastity for completely daren’t reasons (Or so to I had thought!) <br />
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I was looking for ways to enhance my sexual time. My wife at the time had really gone off sex completely after childe birth. Having read chastity stories on the net it was worth a go. I would have said that I was one not to want to go playing with my self in a normal situation. But I soon found that when that lock goes in I son wanted to! (What man wants, and can’t have; he will want all the moor!)<br />
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I tried to get my wife to be the key holder. But at first she just chucked it into the side. Hen when I got her to hide it. She claimed she had forgotten where she had out it. And any time I wanted to come out she would just give me the key,<br />
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I progressed much better when I found the computer program, and community. TimeLock. But that wouldn’t ever be as good as having a wife to tease and torment you while locked up (But as my wife diden’t want to know it diden’t matter!) <br />
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Unfortunately my marriage has come to an end. He cheated on my and wants a Divorce! (Nothing to do with anything sexual! She just put her drug dealing addict before the rest of us. He can do no wrong!) It out an end to our 13 year marriage.<br />
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So yes you are a very lucky fellow.

Like you I started using a chastity device to help stop chronic ************ (this wasn't for religious reasons or anything like that but I felt it had all got out of control). My wife went along with it and we now have developed a system so that I put it on to control urges or when I am in a risk situation (eg: at home alone) although she keeps the only key. It doesn't stay on long, often 12 hours or less and so far the longest (when she was away overnight) has been 36 hours. Two years later I haven't had an "illicit" orgasam (ie: on my own) for 21 months now. We now have sex much less (3 or 4 times a month instead of 10-12 times) but it's much better sex when it happens, more special and more fun. Also I now longer use or even have the desire to look at **** which is an unexpected side effect (I thought there was a danger it would increase!). Seems perverse I know and unexpected but the side effects from not ************ have been great.

Yes I am very fortunate that she is my wife. I couldn't ask for a better woman. My need for chastity dovetails perfectly with her need to control everything. How often does that happen in this life.

You are fortunate to have such a lovely wife who has taken your need for chastity to heart and enabled you to benefit from it. She also, unfortunately because it was because of illness, provided you with a unique experience from which you both seem to have benefited.<br />