My First Three Months

First off, thanks for all the good stories regarding your experiences being chastised.

Like NeoSteel, I was ************ incessantly, right to the point where it was affecting my sex life with my wife, because I had begun desensitizing myself. Because of my desensitization I was finding that I wasn't able to maintain a consistent erection, and would frequently become soft right in the middle of having sex.

I let my wife know what was going on and how I felt unable to control my urges. Every time I would have a thought about sex my body wanted to act on it. Sometimes I'd ********** up to seven times in a day.

It was my wife who suggested that we try a chastity device, and after doing a lot of reading we decided to try a Kali's Teeth Bracelet from

It's a simple little device that surrounds only the penis. It's inexpensive compared to other devices, which was one of our deciding factors when we considered what type of device to start with.

Well, this device is way more than what I bargained for. It's a devious little thing that's docile as long as you remain soft, but if and when you get hard, and you will, it can put you on your least that's what it did to me!

The intense pain created the first time I had a ***** came as a huge surprise. As my penis thickened from the flow of blood into it the teeth of the Kali's Bracelet sunk into my **** and the intensity of the pain took away my breath.

I bent down a little and looked at my **** as it continued to grow and the pain intensified. There's no way you can even attempt to slide this thing off your **** when the nails dig in. I would have removed it immediately if I had had the key, but I didn't. I wanted to beg my wife for mercy and to remove the thing, but we had already agreed beforehand that once it was on I was to remain in it for three days before negotiating for release.


Strangely, my **** kept getting even harder as the teeth dug in! It was like I was being betrayed by my own *****, and I couldn't believe what was happening. By this time I was gasping and on my knees, trying to figure out how to make my **** get soft, so I could have some relief.

I finally jumped into the shower and turned on the cold water tap full blast, which took my mind off my **** as the cold water spread out all over my body. Finally, my **** went limp.

I've had nothing but respect for the KTB ever since, and have learned a LOT about controlling my urges since even getting a ***** makes me pay a price. The Kali's Bracelet isn't just a chastity device, it's an erection controlling device and anti-************ device too.

While I've read about guys being able to effectively ********** and ********* while wearing tube type devices like the cb-3000, there's just no way that you're going to be able to jack yourself to ****** while wearing this thing. At least not unless you're one of those super hard core masochists who think such pain is hot. Even then, I think you'd meet your match if you were to get one of the more intense versions of the Kali Bracelet, because it comes in three sizes.

I own the least intense version, which is considered the training version. If this is training, I can't imagine what the punishment versions must feel like, because I think this thing is like an executioner who's waiting for you to mess up. Maybe I'm just a lightweight, but the end result is that it's done it's job well.

My wife now has control of my *******, and even my erections, for that matter. We've been using the Kali's Bracelet for about three months now, and our sex life has improved. I'm extremely happy when she let's me out for play and sex. I feel I find myself much more attentive to my wife's needs, and now focus on her ****** before having mine. My challenge now is to keep myself from *********** too soon, which is an exact turnabout from not being able to keep my **** hard like before.

We have sex about three times per week now, and I'm placed back into the bracelet soon after we make love so I'm not tempted to return to my old pattern of ************. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the Bracelet, but am actually adjusting to the pain it creates when I get an illegal erection. I find that the pain doesn't feel as intense as it did initially, which shows that my body is adjusting to it. Still, the pain it does create is enough to keep me from trying to **********, because I know that if I get harder it'll cause more pain. I hope y'all enjoyed my story, and would encourage anyone here to check out the Kali Bracelet because it's a very effective chastity device.

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I have been locked in Kali's teeth for about 3 weeks now,my oral skills have definitely improved, in fact, that's one of the reasons she won't let me out! She says she likes the new me, how attentive I am to her and her needs.She made me buy her a ***** for me to use on her when I am performing oral on her.She said she likes it better then my ****, because it's bigger, and never goes soft. Another reason she prefers the *****, over my ****,is she can be penetrated and licked at the same time. I am so horny after going 3 weeks without *******, and eating her ***** like 3 times a week, but when I get hard IT HURTS LIKE HELL!!!! So I try not to get hard. I never thought she would enjoy this so much,I guess I better get used to never feeling the inside if a ***** again or ******* at all! :(

My wife/mistress has obtained a kali bracelet chastity device (thanks to your article ) This is simply a new and very amusing method which she and her sister use to torture me.Once I am tied down spreadeagled they have no problem in getting me, and keeping me aroused.I try to suffer in silence as begging them to release me only makes things worse.Would someone PLEASE tell them that torture is not amusing to the victim.When I asked if my punishment could be carried out in the usual way (a whipping ) they agreed and I was whipped as well.It is a very effective way of ensuring obedience.

<p><p>Unfortunately I do not suffer in the small p**** category and I am pretty well endowed which I'm afraid is making it way more difficult for long term wear of the KTB. Mine has the shortest inner teeth and allows for the maximum amount of space. The one meant for 24/7 wear. I think i'm going to have to measure the inner diameter of mine again and perhaps make some modifications to see if I can avoid this result in the future. I'm thinking the inner diamater of mine is 1 inch, not 1 1/2 inches would make a huge difference.<br /><br />
Is the intense version the middle of the three sizes? Isn't that about 7/8 of an inch in diameter, that would be tough to wear 24/7 i would think with the lack of room. I hope she never puts you in the severe or punishment version. That an a severe caning would be awful!</p></p>

I've experienced some surface scratching but not any actual puncturing. Also, my body adjusted to the device quite some time ago and the pain doesn't feel as intense as when I first began wearing the KTB. My wife is thinking that maybe it's time to replace this one with the intense version.

I'm not sure why you were punctured. Are you wider than the average size male? I did read somewhere in one of the chastity newsgroups (can't remember exactly which one) that custom size devices can be made for guys who are wider/narrower than the norm.

The KTB I have is not a custom size and the inner diameter of the metal band is
1-1/2 inches. I'm about this same width when erect and it works perfectly for me.

Ok, serious question here, I was able to wear mine continuously for almost 4 days and that includes sleeping with it on. However when it came time to take it off, my p**** looked like a war zone. It had literaly punctured the skin in multiple places and was bleeding pretty good. Now after cleaning things up it scabbed over fairly quickly and is on the mend. I'm reaching out to you because you have experience wearing the KTB and I can't figure out how to avoid this in the future. Maybe I need to build up to wearing it all the time? 12 hours on, 12 off or something like that instead of putting it on and that's that. How did you and your wife avoid these situations when you began using the KTB? If she was seriously teasing you on purpose and you were getting even partial erections with it on, you had to look like a warzone too when it came off.

A chastity device certainly makes the life of any male better, especially when the key is held by a SUPERIOR FEMALE who controls the males access to the joys of ******. A chastity device is an excellent tool in controlling a male's ************ habits which can ruin a relationship!! Any male wearing a chastity cage will immediately become more attentive to the needs, wants, and desires of the SUPERIOR FEMALE holding the key to his ****!!
slave john

I experienced the same as you, I for one cage permanently for 12 years and my wife made ​​me give up all my *******.
In addition, she had me and kept me blank so I've never experienced an ****** of my life.
I wear a CB 6000 and I am very pleased with my life

I currently am locked in a stanless steel chastity device having been "sentenced to life" agreed upon suggested by a friend who thought it was best.

I do not want to publish the reasons for this but it's for my best interests. I no longer have to worry about STD's and getting into any kind of trouble.

The first 30 days of the "life sentence" was spent in a KTB which was vicious. It is everything it says it is. Relentless and unforgiving. It was to remind me that the penis can and should receive as much pain as pleasure for some of the past experiences.

Now, the device is securely on and cannot be removed.

Oh yes! At times it is horribly frustrating, but I can live with it.

All men, Gay and non-Gay should be in a device for a minimum of one year. The growth and development is beyond description.



Yes, I simply wash the device and my skin in the shower. I dry myself using only a towel, and haven't had any problems, but I do like your idea of using a hair dryer and may try that!

Since the device is made entirely of stainless steel there is no harm in washing it. I do put a little oil in the keyhole of the lock about once every two weeks, in order to keep the mechanism operating smoothly.

So, other than when your wife release you for sex, you where this 24/7? How do keep it clean? Wash in the shower and then dry with blowdryer on warm? I am considering applying to my husband and would like to keep him in it except when I release him to service me.

I just found this thread and am glad to see I'm not the only guy using a KTB. I had tried some of the cage devices in the past and found them too easy to defeat. Even though the KTB seemed a bit scary I decided to try it.

I received my KTB from malechastitynow two weeks ago and have worn it 24/7 since then. I have the "mild" version but it is intense enough for me. I still wake up a couple of times during the night, but my body seems to be adapting to the device and each night seems a bit less painful than the previous one. What I find amusing is that my body's response to avoiding painful e******* is to keep me just hard enough to get aroused which is highly frustrating because I, of course, can't do anything to resolve it!

My wife says I'm going to be locked up for at least a month so I'm working hard to adjust to the KTB. Because my p***** gets rather small when flaccid the KTB moves a bit as I walk and do things so I get a bit of painful pinching at times.

I'm new to this experience and have just gone through my first full night in chastity. My **** got hard about 4 times and it hurt a lot each time but by concentrating on something else for a while I got through it. Does this happen forever?

Yeahhhh total control, that's what I'm talking about, sign me up! I might buy one right now sounds intriguing! And extreme, right up my alley!

purplebobby, sorry for the delayed response. I do wear it overnight. It took time to get accustomed to that, but eventually I did. <br />
<br />
right from the start i was mostly able to sleep through the night without any problems. it was (and still is) only in the hours close to morning, when i either have to urinate or when i might experience a nocturnal erection, that i'm awoken by the teeth biting me.<br />
<br />
i sometimes put the device back on, and at other times my wife does it for me. there are times when i'm let out, in order to have a break from wearing it. during those times i am sometimes put into one of malechastitynow's other devices, called the tooltrap.

I wear the Tool Trap. The owner of the company is awesome. So far, I am locked up now for 2 months serving a "life sentence."

Hi, my name is Bobby and I also own and wear a KTB. I purchased mine years ago from the Power Exchange and since then have ******** the inside out and re built it using stainless steel staples which won't rust. I've also put together new strips for each of the sizes so they can be interchanged as needed. I wear the mild version the most however I keep running into the same problems and I'm hoping since you have so much experience wearing this device you can help me. First how on earth are you able to wear it 24/7 even through the night? My wife won't let me wear mine through the night for fear of it causing damage and harm. My main problem is I will put it on around 5:30am and it doesn't come off until 10pm or so, but by 5 or 6 in the evening my p**** is just plain sore, even on days when I haven't even had any moments of losing brief control. It is so sore to remove the bracelet at the end of the day. Is there any way to avoid this discomfort? Do you just get used to the pain even with a flacid p****? Thanks so much for any help and support you can provide. My hope is to wear it for a few months to see if in fact i can be re-trained to remain flacid until given permission to gain an erection. Does your wife ever tease you with it on?<br />
<br />

The version I have is hinged, so it's very to put on and take off. The staples on mine are stainless too, and I've never had a problem with them.

There is no way that I know of to avoid the discomfort. However, wearing my KTB has become more bearable over time, which I feel is due to my body acclimating to the device. And...I believe the device has actually increased my pain threshold.

My wife does indeed tease me when I'm wearing the device, and I experience a love-hate relationship with this kind of sensual torture. On the one hand I appreciate and am grateful for being permitted to become aroused, and the more the teeth bite the harder I become.

The way the KTB plays with my mind is like nothing I've ever experienced from any other sort of device, and I love it!...

Thanks so much for the quick reply! So do you wear it overnight? and how did you acclimate yourself to that? I would find it extremely difficult to voluntarily put the bracelet back on after sex. How does it work for you and your wife, do you put it back on or does she put it on you? Does she allow you days without wearing the device or is this a permanant situation? Sorry for all the questions but you seem to be one of the only people I have found who is actually wearing the KTB regularly and not pretending to wear it.

Hello Bobby,
I also own one of the original KTB from TPE and would like to rebuild it with stainless steel spikes. I'm also intrigued how you made removable strips. Can you tell us more about what you did?

Yes, I'm still using the KTB...its quite an incredible device and remains very useful in helping control my urges.

All of you are so lucky. I have only worn a CB-2000 for about a year and that was several years ago. My wife no longer experiences pleasure or a libido so she has no interest in controlling my persistent erections. I feel used, abused and neglected.

All of you are so lucky. I have only worn a CB-2000 for about a year and that was several years ago. My wife no longer experiences pleasure or a libido so she has no interest in controlling my persistent erections. I feel used, abused and neglected.

Are you still wearing it, and if so still happy with it? I think I'm about to find out what it feels like

being in chastity an being happy sometimes are two different things lol
im lock now 6 months straight but im happy i been lock for 10 years in the life style

Would love to see more posts in respect of the KTB (Kali's Teeth Bracelet). Surely there must be a lot more guys who have KTBs locked onto their ****** - no?

i hve the kgb inside my cage its just plastic that fits in the cb an prenents pull out an clamp down hard when you do get one

yes as soon as you get erection an feel the pain you sure do learn to control those urges an erection <br />
i been lock in cb3000 for 10 years now an at this moment lock for 5 months with no release

Hey delightfullydenied,<br />
<br />
I have only just come across this thread. <br />
<br />
"I own the least intense version, which is considered the training version. If this is training, I can't imagine what the punishment versions must feel like, because I think this thing is like an executioner who's waiting for you to mess up. Maybe I'm just a lightweight, but the end result is that it's done it's job well".<br />
It made me laugh a little when I read the above para in particular to 'least intense' since the middle version is called the 'Intense' which I bought. I then had a problem with the inner sleeve & got sent 2 replacement sleeves - the Intense again + the Severe! The longest I managed in the Intense was nearly 3 days.<br />
When I got the new sleeves, my initial attempts at getting the Severe didn't work too well. I had to reglue - so recently about 2 wks ago I tried again & suceed in wearing for 62 hrs! It was tough very tough!

Same here. I get locked up on the weekends with Kali's Teeth (made in Seattle). The only problem is that it squishes the urethra and makes ******* a bit messy (there are always a few drops left that come out later). That's why my Queen does not put it on me during the week. But otherwise, it's done wonders for our marriage.

Same here. I get locked up on the weekends with Kali's Teeth (made in Seattle). The only problem is that it squishes the urethra and makes ******* a bit messy (there are always a few drops left that come out later). That's why my Queen does not put it on me during the week. But otherwise, it's done wonders for our marriage.

I too suffered from excess m*******ing and several attempts to cure it have failed or resulted in rapid relapse. But then I tried Kali and it has really worked and I think I am cured, although I will wear it for some months to ensure no backsliding. It is so light and discrete I can wear it under skimpy beachwear or sportswear. I hardly notice it now except when it needs to remind me to behave. Its fearsome reputation seems to me to be exaggerated. I have had some uncomfortable episodes but my wife classes all men as wimps when pain is involved. She claims correctly that her period pains are much worse and last much longer. I kept a key handy for the first couple of weeks but now she has it and will unlock me when she is ready but not to indulge a wimp. Our love life has receieved a double boost;, from the absence of any other form of relief, and also from the self control Kali has taught me which makes me a better lover.<br />
For any couple who is affected by this bad habit my advice is try Kali first!