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The Game That We Play

Chastity belt game rules that my wife has laid out.
1.       Sucking my nipples you get 1 points for 30 mins.
2.       Complete ***** licking  for 1 hour you get 2 points.
3.       Kissing me all over my body for 1 hour you get 3 points.
4.       Massaging my thighs and waist for 45 mins you get 2 points.
5.        French kiss with lot of playing and kissing all over my face  for 30 mins you get 3 points.
6.       Giving me a good bath, you give with all kisses and licks for 1 hour you get 5 points.
7.       Arousing me with playing with my body for 30 mins you get 5 points.
8.       Undressing me every night for 15 mins you get 1 point
 9.      Spank You for 10 mintues  3 points
10      cooking dinner will get you 2 points
11.     Shaving my pubic area you get 3 points.
12.     Arousing me in the car you get 3points.
13.     Fingering your hand in my ***** and giving me mulitple organsms you get 3 points.
       14.    Underssing me in sari 2 points
       15     You will blindfold and play with my body  3 points


Rules of the game:
1.  When you have 50 points, you can try. You will have 30 mins time. If you don’t *** within that time, you need to put on chastity belt back. And try next time when the points reach 50.
2.  In case somewhere in the mid you too much excited then you need to ****** me atleast  times before i open you chastity belt.After that you get only 30 mins time.IF you dont ***, you will be back in chastity belt. ONLY ONCE A MONTH.
     3. You should not try same method to collect points more than once.
     4. Every Mistake in not satifying me 1 point will be minus
     5  Once after getting 50 points, their might be a twist. i can play the dice game and keep You locked for more days.
     6 When the CB is open for a half an hour after you earn the required points, it will be my wish how i am going to give you a release.It may be vaginal or Hand stroke or oral.So incase you argue about this then,immaediately you need to put on your CB and a penalty of 1 week and your earned points will become minus half.
The following penalties are considered minimum and maybe increased at the sole discretion of the Wife,
considering the severity of the infraction.
 The minimums are not negotiable; any attempt by the Husband to do so may result in additional penalties.
The Wife will strictly enforce it without exception.
All penalties are added to the minimum time between scheduled releases.
Failure to wear CB at all times    1 week
Unauthorized touching    2 weeks
************ or attempted ************    2 weeks
Not disclosing ************ an additional 3 weeks
****** when not permitted    1 month
Failure to co-operate to reinstall CB when ordered    1 day per every 2 min of non-compliance
Failure to provide sexual release to wife    1 month

In case you have earned 40 points and in between,you get a penalty of 1 month,then you can earn points, only the balance 10 points,but you will get release only after 1 month and the release time is only for 15 mins.
  If you ********** during the the CB belt open time,then penalty of 1 month again and it starts from that point.
 If you look at any girl when I am with you,you will have penalty of you being tied up with CB on and I will do stip tease.And all your points will become empty.
If you watch **** movies without me,you will get a penalty of 2 weeks.When both of us see **** movie,then only I will be watching and your eyes will be tied up..hehheeeeeeeeeeeeee





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Sounds fun but VERY time consuming to keep track of. The simplest game my Mistress/Wife and i played was that i would remain locked and would receive one point for every day i was in my cage and ten points for every ****** i licked her to. Each point could be redeemed for a single hand stroke from her . i was allowed to use my points anytime i wished, but once i did, whether i was able to c_ _ or not, my points reset to zero and i had to start accumulating them all over again. It made me try my best to please her so she would c _ _ often, and i could accumulate my points quicker. Keeping track was easy too. We have three older children and we were still able to discreetly add a check mark for each of her o _ _ _ _ _ _, add that to how many days had passed since i had last tried for my own (marked with a "<" if i was unsuccessful or an. ">" if i was.) And then beg her to please "warm me up (by teasing me for awhile so that once she began the earned strokes, i would have a better chance of success). i had many unsuccessful attempts in the beginning which mandated that i be more patient and concentrate solely on her pleasure for a couple months until i had earned well over a hundred points. When i finally redeemed them (and after presenting my Mistress/Wife with a nice gift to encourage her to warm me up properly beforehand) i was successful and it was like the Fourth of July !!! i was SO grateful to her that i agreed that a tribute to her beauty and generosity would from then on be REQUIRED before she would unlock my cage and allow me to try again. This is my philosophy for keeping your Mistress interested in playing; Keep it simple and do 99.9% of the work involved yourself.

I am hoping to be locked up but my Mistress doesn´t know that I already ordered a device. Planning to hand over the keys without discussing any rules. Then she can do whatever she likes. Hope she´ll keep me very horny so that I can suffer more and be nicer to her.

i suggest wearing the device for a month or more without telling her before you hand off the keys. it takes several weeks of longer and longer periods in the cage for your penis to adjust to a life of confinement. Plus, if you can honestly approach her with the fact that you have already been wearing it for several weeks and (hopefully) no one has noticed, you've been able to stay clean and it hasn't interfered with your housework or waiting on her, then she is more apt to go along with keeping you in it. That was the approach i took and it worked, though she never came to like it on me. Good luck! Oh, and make sure to get the long handled cleaning sponges too, it's really the only way to keep your new prisoner fresh and clean smelling.

well your comment comes late as I recently received my device and didn´t test my limits properly before handing over the keys... just minor problems after all but my wife wasn´t convinced anyway and I think she just doesn´t like the idea of locking me up. She would prefer seeing me nice and obedient even without any device.

love it i emailed it to my owner

love it i get locked in 4 days

Hello! How do you like your Neodteel? Neodteel looked nice, but I chose a Carrara, and I have bought a second one (with a bit snugged fit), and I'm very happy with my Carrara's, although it might be fun to try some other models. Playing chastity games as you've described sounds like it could be lots of fun. I played with several women, some while wearing my Carrara. Had some great times! I'm wearing my Belt now. Put it on about 4 hours ago. I was almost constantly throbbing for most of that time, and fluid is still oozing out of my p3nis as I am writing this now. All you guys who have partners who play along with your chastity fetish ... :). Enjoy it! And I am looking forward to enjoying hours/days/years of chastity play with a partner too! I really enjoy being all excited and having my member encased, partly erect, throbbing wildly inside the steel p3nis tube that gets very warm to the touch when I'm aroused inside it. I enjoy being full/throbbing while out around people, knowing that I'm wearing the Belt, and they have no idea that I am encased inside a hot steel chastity belt, just throbbing away, thinking about how horny I am. Oh my. That just made my p3nis grow hard and tight inside the tight steel tube. I can feel my p3nis press tightly against the inside of the p3nis tube. Sorry. Am I repeating myself? Ok. All I can think of now is how horny I am. As I'm sure you all feel much of the time you are wearing your chastity devices. Enjoy!!!

U dont need to convince him, U R the mistress :P<br />
btw nice game imho ;) Chastity Belt is for fun not for making real slave from your man and this game give him posibility to *** :D and the goal of exsistance xP

That is one the sexiest things I have ever heard! I want my fiancee to set up rules like this for me! But he just doesn't understand the whole idea. How do I convince him? :(

Man I tried to figure out the best ROI (return on investment) here, but gave up after seeing all the additional rules. Too much bloody work here.

That's a real lot of stuff to keep track of, and it sounds a bit complicated. I can only imagine a CPA or a tax attorney getting any enjoyment out of this kind of contract.