Not Sure If I Am Ready For Chasity

I have fantisid about being in a belt, im a 28 yr old female in a straight relationship. I don't know how to bring it up to my boyfriend if he will go for it or not and it I will regret it. what should I get if I decide this is for me I need help

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I believe that most people who know the word chastity will understand what you mean. I first became interested in the subject at puberty. I am sure that such feelings must have already existed. At the same time I also realised that I was bisexual although I didn't know the word then.

be careful what you ask for my husband liked the idea and has locked me for one year now 13 weeks into it. I am craving for sex every minute of the day.

Surrendering your sex to yr bf is exciting, any guy would appreciate what u do or am i wrong? He would love yr devotion to him. Tel him its for him, his possession and his liberty to unlock u as he wishes. Tel him he can keep u locked as long as he wishes and your bottled up urges will make u crazy for him. No guy would reject this idea. Meanwhile u are locked up, tel him u would perform oral sex on him anytime he wants. Its yr idea to deny yourself and he should not be left with lesser ******.<br />
Wish i were u, bcoz i am exactly the male version of yr situation now, not by choice but rather lack of choice.

I would suggest... showing your partner what you are interested in ... look online, and view the items together... also, ... if you are not able to explore your interests with your partner... maybe you need a different partner... or just forget about it all! ... BUT .. I'm a 61 year old male, and have enjoyed the "teasing" effect of a male chastity belt for years now... I'm wearing a Carrara ... do a search for Carrara, you should be able to find it..they have them for men and women. You need to make good measurements and they cost a lot but they are really sturdy, and "real" ... very effective. I simply CANNOT have an ****** while inside the Carrara, and I truly cannot escape the Carrara Stainless Steel Chastity Belt ... it is very arousing and much fun to wear; I spoke with a woman who wore chastity devices, and she loved it. It adds an entire dimension to sexual enjoyment.

all depends on why you want to be lock,you have to think that if your bf does like the ideea which i can see him liking maybe it will mean less sex for you but more for him <br />
price they are expensive but im sure you can find cheap ones if you look aorund

I've learned over the years to find someone who has common interests when it comes to your sex life or you will spend many years trying to figure it out later. You might find out they share your interest, but if they have no interest now, they may never have it. Start slow by maybe leaving a magizine out that has your interests in it. If they look it over and are into the scene, that's great. If they have no interest than you can claim a friend left the mag behind.

Neosteel seems to be one of the more popular women's style belts. The problem is that they tent to be somewhat pricey. There is a lower-cost alternative made by LockedInSteel that you might want to investigate. Join as many web groups as you can, and read the various reviews. Spend a few weeks - or months - asking questions. <br />
<br />
As to your bf, well, perhaps you might want to discuss what you hope to get out of the experience. Assure him that it doesn't mean less sex for him, but rather, more stimulation for you.