I Love Chastity

About 8 years ago I talked my wife into letting me buy a chastity belt for myself. I was a habitual masterbator. I also had other bad habits that needed to be addressed. Using chastity and reward, I was able to quit smoking and drinking besides quiting my constant materbating. I have a stainless steel ( Access Denied adjustable chastity belt ). I got it not to long before AD went out of bussiness. We have used it on and off for the last eight years for behavioral modification and believe me it works. I have gone as long as 45 days without org@sm, I tell you what, one gets really horny after 45 days! My wife will take me out of the belt and use me during those times but I am not allowed org@sm. Sometimes I wish my wife was a little more dominate personality but I am not complaining, she does try though. She sees how well it works and is very supportive. I also have a homemade device that works well, sort of along the lines of a cb 3000 but different. It works great for daytime at work, while I wear my belt at night. Right now we started another chastity period so help me lose weight. Got to drop about 40 pounds, good thing we dont expect it to happen all at once. I would like to share with anyone who has never tried this, sex is AWESOME when your really really horny and haven't  had an org@sm for a long time, and are not allowed to have one during the intercourse. Holding back your org@sm while making love is hard but is also awesome.  

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3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Yes... sex is awesome after being in a Chastity belt for some time... even if it's only a couple hours! ... I am now wearing a Carrara Stainless Steel Chastity Belt ... love it; have had it for about 3 years, and this is my 2nd Carrara; the first one I had for about 5? years... decided to get one that would fit just a bit better... so I modified the measurements and now I'm wearing the belt from the 1st Carrara and the "Protector" from the 2nd Carrara ... they are much like an athletic cup, but with a p3nis tube curved downward, and meets the body where the p3nis exits the body, and the sides lift and separate the testicles... it is an arousing experience. It keeps me aroused and horny for hours on end... it allows the p3nis to grow, but not to full size, just enough to throb inside the p3nis tube and feel like someone is holding on really tightly to your p3nis ... often when I'm wearing it, I find my pants getting wet/sticky from the pre-*** that develops from all the arousal... I love it.

Simple! You try being locked up for a few weeks with your partner making all sorts of sexual innuendo’s. When you are on your third or forth week of being denied sex. She is standing there wearing all of your feveret sexy clothe, that she knows will always get you hot and exited. Take it from me you will be willing to do anything for her she wants!!

i don't know how wearing one would help not drinking or smoking. am i missing somthing?

Silly wabbit - wife made all these demands, in addition to him losing weight, before she would allow it.