I Bought Myself A Claddagh Ring

I forgot where exactly I heard of Claddagh rings, but I'm sure it's somewhere online and unrelated to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (since I know a lot of people who are non-Irish first knew of Claddagh rings from that show). 

I was attracted to the symbolism of it and the design, and have been a fan of the Claddagh ring since then (I think it was a couple of years ago). Whenever I passed by a jewelry shop window, I'd just casually look and see if there were any Claddagh rings. There never was.

Around July I decided to just buy it online since I wanted to wear one so badly. I love rings especially if they're symbolic. And I wasn't going to wait for someone to buy me one since that will likely never happen. I've read somewhere that it's bad luck to buy yourself one, but I don't really care since I've had rotten luck since I was born anyway.

When it arrived, two weeks after I paid for it, I was delighted and took many pictures of it. Unfortunately it was rather loose for me and I had to send it back to Galway for another one that is 1.5 sizes down. Two more weeks rolled by and one rainy morning on the way out to work, I finally got my perfectly fitted ring in the mailbox. It's slightly tight in the mornings and at night but it slips right off with the help of soap and water those times. 

I wear it everywhere when I go out. I've had it for 2+ weeks now and the ring tan is starting to form on my right ring finger. I love it. I'm just waiting for someone to recognise it but so far no one does. I had a teenager ask me if the crown was rabbit ears. Some even asked me if I was married, since some people here wear their wedding ring on the right hand.

I don't think many people will know the Claddagh ring here but I love it so much. It'll be my little secret.
cityonfire cityonfire
26-30, F
Sep 24, 2011