I Still Wear My Claddagh

My first love gave me a Claddagh band for the anniversary of the first time she laid eyes on me( not our first anniversary,it was a really sweet idea).

It was such an unexpected gift,so thoughtful and really it is a beautiful piece of jewelery.

She got in touch with a good friend of mine back home in Ireland ( we lived in Scotland) explained what kind of thing she wanted and my friend sent it over.

The inscription reads mo anam cara (soul mate in Irish).

We went away for the weekend and in middle of the loch she gave me this ring,we went back to shore and lay watching the merry dancers in the sky.

A few months later I got her the exact same ring,same inscription when she was nominated for an award.She loved it!!

I think I've taken it off my finger less than 5 times since I put it on the first time.

Every time I look at it or twist it round my finger I think of that weekend(was in Skye i think) and that girl.

I wonder if she still wears hers?

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3 Responses Jan 4, 2009

A beautiful story

awe this is such a sweet story!!

she still wears it!!! yay