The Lost Rings

when my kids were young i was a single parent one of my good  freinds was irish..his name was francis but we called him paddy....he was a wonderful friend who helped me over the years ...without ever asking or expecting anything in return.

his family was from the Bay of Galway and being the last surving son he was given the family claddagh ring that had been in his family for 100s of years was so thick and you could see the years of wear .......this ring was not to be given to the brides as it was to be handed down to the sons ...another was made for the fiance....a much more petite one......the ring originated in the bay of galway as the original jewellers T. Dalton and sons hand crafted it. claddagh means clan and there were a few made for various family members

paddy went water-skiing and lost the ring ...impossible to find....when he told his mother she went bolistic ...his mum drank wine every night ...and she cracked him over the head with the wine bottle...and sent him back to ireland to get a new ring made from t. dalton and sons

when he was there he got a ring made for me....he gave it to me as a friendship ring...but not as lovers just friends ...he told me the heart will bring me love, the hands will bring me friendships and the crown will protect me....this is his own interpretation of the meaning of this ring and against clan lore as it shouldnt be given to a female unless she is marrying a clan member.

he didn't tell his mom that he had given me the ring....i loved it,  it was solid gold and hand crafted was a very special ring to me

well his mom found out when she recieved the authenticity certificate for the 2 rings and she wanted to know where the other ring he had to tell her and once again "crack" she hit him with a wine bottle about the wild irish and how tough paddys head must be ...i think she had cracking the bottle to a fine art where she never split the skin....

well he was supposed to take the ring back ...but he wouldnt do that the old woman cursed  me if i wore the ring.......the ring was given to me with such a caring sentiment from my friend there was no way i wasn't going to wear it .......and paddy so wanted me to have it ...gosh it was hand made for me and fit my finger perfectly

and i did everyday for 25 years ...ha thats funny ..i was 25 when i got it......and all the while i had love, friendship and protection....her silly ol curse didn't work

and five years ago to my horror i lost it ....i was recovering from an injury and staying with my friend skin got real itchy under the ring and my finger swelled a bit so i had to take it off....i put it on the dresser and that was the last time i saw it ......i was just devestated...still am....

i always reckoned that paddys mums spirit made my finger swell so i would have to take it off so she could steal it ......i still have the box it came in with T. daltons and sons stamped in gold and i hide that from her


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Jinda, only you know if you should tell him or not. I wear a similar ring given in similar circumstances. If I were to misplace the ring I would tell the giver. But that's just me.

I have relatives in Galway and have stayed there a few times, it is very beautiful<br />
<br />
I would not tell him you have lost the ring

yes i do ...we dont get to see each other but we continue to write .... he lives in WA with his kids ....i havent told him that i lost the ring.....i don't want to upset you think thats wrong of me .......

Very interesting jinda. I love the story.

Beautiful so far. Link me if I miss the continuation.