Yeah Love Wearing Them

I usually wear one around the base of the **** and a smaller one that fits just behind the head , and the bigger one near the base comes lose and slides up and down the **** as i walk, love wearing them any ring on my **** or balls feels great, another is leather straps that fit around the balls, and they make it all stick out more,. just wish that the shops did have a variety of sizes as it is hard to get one that fits actaclly right
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

I love wearing them too, the tugging at the base of the **** and balls is sensational. i am a crossdresser but my bf. makes me wear a steel ring so he can hold my balls in his warm hands when he is making love to me. He also likes to hold me to the floor with a chain attatched to my **** ring while he makes love to me. I can't move far but the tugging on my **** and testicals is sensational as he enters me

If you're having trouble with fit, kevin, try silicone rings instead. They're just the right blend of rigid and flexible, which makes them fit like they were made for you. My advice is that you shave or trim your pubic hair before trying the silicone rings as it is not fun to have a hair or two get tangled with the rings...<br />
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Have fun!

I agree the silicone ones feel great and are flexible. I can wear one for hours. and my * responds immediately.