I've been wearing **** rings for years.  The first one I wore was steel and I used it for a while but then a girl i was with at the time told me to get a leather one.  In fact she went with me to a sex store and helped pick out a sort of wide and the other more narrow.  The girl who worked the counter told me that the leather ones are much better because they are more adjustable and certainly easier to get on and off.  The problem with the steel rings is that if your **** is hard you won't get the ring on.
The girl I am with loves them.  I wear one a lot when we go out on dates.  I always keep it on after when we have sex and it makes a definite difference.  A couple years ago I decided to get a harness. She searched the net and found seceral so I decided on the most expensive on figuring it would be the best and I was not disappointed.  The first time I wore it I had a hard time getting it on.  It came with a steel **** ring or a leather one.  I had to get a butt plug because that's separate.  I finally figured ot that its best to put the **** ring on first, then insert the butt plug and then strap the belt around my waist.  Then the two straps that attach to the **** ring can be slid through the **** ring and snapped shut.  Its also best to make sure that the straps than hold the butt plug in and the front strap for the **** ring are as tight as possible.  I've been able to go out wearing it under jeans.  At first I wore nothing between the jeans and the harness.  It worked out OK after my **** got a little less hard. 
Having sex wearing a **** ring is hot with more intense ******* but sex wearing a harness is incredible.  The first time she was on the bottom and that was out of sight but when I had her turn over on her hands and knees it was a mind blowing experience with an ****** that lasted a lot longer than usual.
so....the moral of the story is try **** rings and you won't regret it and invest in a harness and you will have ******* you will never forget.

huguccio huguccio
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A cockring, a butt plug and rubber O-rings around my nipples ... my favorite body decoration