Can I Get Some Advise

I bought a 2" metal ring at the hardware store, I can wear it all day with no problems except when I'm in the car driving then it pinches me. Would a wider ring and maybe a 1 7/8" be veterans and more comfortable? I have seen some on but want to get some info before I buy 1.
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5 Responses May 21, 2012

Wondered if you were still wearing aa all day ring and if so how you got on / what you use ?

I have the same experience, what helps is to pull **** and balls well through it before getting in the car. When the ring is close to the body I have no problem driving

try sailboat hardware stores for thick stainless steel rings

I use a 45mm glass ring. It feels cool and can wear all day. I shop sans undies and it is so stimulating feeling it when moving. I change rings a few times during the day as I love the activity. My wife is OK with it and sometimes touches and I run off to the bedroom and use the Wahl massager with cup. Great life.

If you get pinching, not great. I suggest going for something softer. You can get great feeling and results with non-metal rings. I suggest trying Oxballs website. They have super soft silicone which I often wear 24/7 and harder items, but not quite as unforgiving as metal. Experiment and enjoy!