I've got two metal cockrings. One is 4.5 cm (1.8") and one 4 cm (1.6"). This small difference in diameter makes a big difference in feel. The bigger one goes on fairly easily if my scrotum is baggy. The smaller one, though, is very slightly smaller than one of my bollocks, so I have to physically push it through. Once I've eased both balls in, and tuck my flaccid ***** in as well, I can't help but start to get hard.
The feeling is one of excitement, but also of being trapped. I know that once my **** starts to go hard, there's no way of getting the cockring off until I go soft again - which could be a long time. It's feel so tight, it's scary.
This gave me the idea of taking Cialis before putting it on...this is a drug like Viagra which makes an erection bigger and longer-lasting. I tried this and I was stuck in the thing for nearly an hour, and felt bruised afterwards.
I've put some pictures on my profile page to show how tight it is.
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

I"d love to see the pics! I have problems with getting the right size **** ring to be big enough for my balls to go throughbut not so big that my balls go back through.