Two, Thus Far.

I currently own two collars. One is my small black leather one with metal dot-studs and a d-ring hanging from the front. Its lined in lambskin and incredibly soft and comfortable.

The other I was gifted with, and it is basically a length of jeweled chain with a heart-shaped padlock holding it together,

Its very shiney and very heavy. I love the look of it, though.

I'm sure to have many, many more in the future....and have a few designs already worked out.

Collar fans should definitely check out

They have custom made collars (and belts, and cuffs, and leashes for that matter!) at a pretty decent price considering all the possibilities. I've yet to order from them bu the second my finances allow for it I have a couple collars, and perhaps even a collar and cuff set planned for the future.

Back to the topic of the group, now! I didn't get the chance to wear my collars where I lived previously that often. I have since moved and am trying to get back into the habit of wearing them all the time. There's just something strangely comforting about a strap of leather about your throat.

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add me pls

glad you can do as you wish

Oh and what spurred this in is I got my collar from collarfactory! Totally worth it!

I get a lot if stares, but I've never met a hater! That would be silly. Something cool ive noticed is only really brave people, or people I'm close too are comfortable touching the d ring on my collar! Weird huh?

I am trying to get more comfortable with wearing mine around town (the pic for the group is mine, by the way). I simply must overcome the fear of stares and haters.<br />
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