Wearing A Corset Everyday

Since I've always loved the hourglass figure and corsets in general, I recently took to wearing one everyday under my clothes and I love it. While it can take a bit to get used to (and if you're short-waisted like me, I guess more) it's certainly worth it for the amazing looks. I've noticed that the longer I wear one, the more it feels less constrictive and comfortable. It's like being wrapped in a warm light blanket. I tried wearing a Squeem girdle before but it was bad, as the plastic boning would deform and pinch me all over.

I started low, as right now I have onlya a 2 inch reduction but my goal is to reach 6-8 in eventually.

lilyboosh lilyboosh
31-35, F
3 Responses Dec 7, 2009

when i wear a corset i usually have attached garters and wear stockings, then its not a problem to pull my panties down to go to the bathroom.

Like I said, if you're wearing them occasionally it's one thing but I wear my corset everyday most of the day so it's not practical.

I wear them as the look of the day requires, but not as a rule. In fact, I don't wear them much to tell you the truth. With regards to corsets, I always make sure the hose goes over the corset or it will be a problem going to the bathroom :P