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We read so much about how one person loves cloth over disposables, another loves pullups over diapers, and yet more like peeing over pooing... It does just got to explain how diverse and varietal this fetish is. For me, I like MOST of it. I can't deal with the smells of poo, so it's a very, very rare occasion that I'll try it, and usually that's all it takes for me to veer away for years.

For disposables vs cloth, I have a preference for disposables, but use cloth trainers all the time, too.  I've tried doing a "cloth only" night (adult cloth diaper and three training pants) and I ended up leaking. When I look at that particular situation, it's obvious to me why... You can squish the liquid out of a cloth diaper, but not so with a disposable that has converted the pee to gel. Consequently, my choice is disposables because if everytime I sit down, I have to worry about squishing pee out of a cloth diaper(s), then I'm already not being able to relax as much as I want to because I'm worried about the couch, the chair, the car seat, etc. And, if I need to wear that many more cloth diapers to NOT LEAK, then I don't have the stealth that I like during daytime wear, AND I have three-four  times as much laundry to wash as opposed to tossing out a 4-5 lb disposable.

Ok, so I love pullups, too. A lot of people won't even call them diapers, but if it's got stripes.... For me, a pullup is a great way to enjoy the day when you want to go out and about, and still remain fairly stealthy. I can do this in a brief, too, but if I had to really go #2, the tapes would be messed up or pulling the diaper down and pulling it back up is going to leave it a bit on the loose side. The pullup can be pulled down, and then pulled right back up, wet or not. A pair of briefs holding a pullup in place gives you the added explanation (should you ever get "caught") of your needing absorbency, but still wanting to wear underwear to "cover" or "mask" your wetting problem. I think most would agree that you can explain your way out of this situation fairly easily. A big old baby-print diaper/plastic pants combo is going to be a little tougher for someone else to swallow.

BTW, I'm married, and the wife has known for long before we got married. For me, it's been tough combining my lifelong love of diapers with my decades-long love of my wife. I see it on two completely different levels, but she gets totally messed up trying to figure out if a diaper can be a mistress or not. I say no, but she's her  own person and comes to her own conclusions.  Sadly, she sees it as this constant opposing force in our relationship, even though many times she has crossed over the fence and participated to some degree, usually with a good/great result. Still, I love her for all she does/doesn't accept about it, and pray that she can come to terms with how to include it in the rest of our lives together. We desperately need to concentrate on things that really do have the possibility of wrecking our marriage and not create issues where they don't exist.

Oh, well. There it is. I wear a diaper (or many different diapers, as the case may be). Does that make me a bad person? No. Does that mean I can't show affection to my loved one?? Not hardly. Does that mean that I value a diaper over a wife/lover/friend???  Absolutely not. It just means that I need both in my life to keep my head on straight and be the person I really am.

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Hi dbjon,<br />
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I don't blame our wives for not wanting to fully participate. In my case, she has tried many times, but she doesn't ever seem to get a "real easy" handle on things. At times she's does good and is also nice about it, and at other times, she's upset with the whole affect it has on our marriage. We struggle on...<br />
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I agree with your perspective on divorce/diapers, too. I'd never divorce my wife over these issues, but we just seem to be spinning our wheels so often, I wouldn't say it couldn't happen for a dozen other reasons, though I'm sure the diapers will be on the top of her list.<br />
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I've begged her to be part of the Experience Project so she can learn more and communicate with other couples dealing with diapers, but she just can't find it in her heart to do it. <br />
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I am grateful for all she has done to understand and accept it at the level she has, but I hope she can come to realize that we're in this together, and we'd be so much better off to have it be a playful part of our sex life together, rather than an impediment & source of consternation.<br />
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Life is short. Live it!

Hi ABDreamz,<br />
I am also married and have a wife who knows but doesn't like to participate. She's nice about it, but I know she would prefer that I have other interests. Still, as we watch friends get divorced, I always laugh and say "if I am cheating on you - it is upstairs in a diaper!" She laughs too. You're never going to get divorced to marry a diaper, but you might if it were another woman instead. Your wife should be grateful for small blessings.