Clan Farquharson

My full name is Graham Scott Farquhar. Now, only one of those is particularly relevant, but if I chose to, I could lay claim to three separate tartans. It's the Clan Farquharson tartan that is most appropriate, though.

I like this tartan a lot. And I think I look good in it. And I love wearing the kilt, anyway. I feel more confident and outgoing and extrovert. And I love the fact that it's such a strongly masculine garment, despite the fact that some people are disparaging towards it and consider it to be the exact opposite.

I love how it feels and how comfortable it is and just how everything seems so different when I'm wearing a kilt. It seems so dynamic. It's not a garment that's content to move as I move when I move. Instead, it sways and flourishes. You can't wear a kile and be discreet - it's simply not possible.

It emphasises a lot about my personal identity and the way I see myself. My nationality is advertised, my exhibitionist streak is hinted at, the sense of mischief is implied, the adventurous nature just can't be denied and the question most commonly asked can be answered with "give me your hand and I'll show you." So there's even the occasional opportunity to deliver an invitation that would otherwise result in restraining orders and court appearances.

You have to have confidence to wear a kilt and you have to enjoy wearing it. It's not a passive item of clothing. And I love wearing a kilt.
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Yeah, but it's traditional to ask it anyway.

LOL - G, I'll bet I know the answer to that question without asking ;)

Yeah, but I don't have a kilt. They're very expensive and I'm one of the 99% of the people in the UK who don't actually own one. That makes it difficult.

Try lookingg at ex hire kilts , my last made to measure cost 300 quid just twpo year ago . Can get deals if you look , hardest thing I was worried about was sizing , but its actually quite easy .

I don't have any right now. I lost a lot of pictures a few months ago and I'm still trying to replace them. I hope they're on other hard drives, so perhaps when I repair my PC, I'll find them.<br />
<br />
Otherwise, I need to get all new pictures.

Reading though your story again, Graham, I thought I would do a similar idea as introduction. Apologies to ;o)

When I get some decent ones, I'll post them.

My experience too, Graham.<br />
As a poet, you manage to word the sensation so well :o)<br />
And, yes, how about some kilted images of your good self?

You've got no idea how good the breeze feels. Everything is free and hanging loose, just as it should be and every waft of cool air feels incredible. Like having your plums being gently cupped in the loving hands of Mother Nature, herself.

There is something very masculine and sexy about a man in a kilt. I imagine the breeze feels nice too.

Thank you, John. Maybe it's about time I got some decent pictures of myself in a kilt, too.

You are a man after my own heart, Graham :o)<br />
Your story completely sums up MY own situation and I salute you for your bravado :o)<br />