My Kilt, The Dilemma, Pants On Or Off

I got the kilt on , the knee length socks , the sporran, the jumper, the heavy brogues, I was going on a ten mile walk in highland perthshire with some staff from the office, the kilt theme was mooted and the charity forms circulated, I sat in the cottage fingering the black pants in a quandary, do I put these on or do I keep them off?

I opted to place them in the sporran and left to meet the group

As an excitable lad with the wind up my nether regions I felt myself stiffen quite a few times on the walk, . My plight was not aided by the fact that three of my female staff were resplendant in rather splendid mini kilts showing generous slices of smooth female thigh!!, !thank the lord for a weighted sporran!!!

I am truly glad I chose to omit my undergarments as there were about 16 people in our party and all scots, the female contingent were respectful to the fact that I was a true scot, due to some irresponsible and careless ill timed leg crossing and gate style climbing on my part . It is truly amasing how confident one comes when wearing a kilt.

The one thing i do know is I will be wearing the kilt again and often, whether in private or in public.

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During a recent stay in a hotel, the seating was awkward and thanks to the tables and chairs being so squashed. (Sofas and coffee table height tables) there was only one way to get to sit comfortably. You had to slide in one leg at a time. needless to say there was an inadvertant "flash" but no one noticed. I decided to sit sideways.

Girls with mini kilts and you can see thigh, I would have had a ***** under my kilt.

Kiltsissy<br />
It's now almost a year since this story occurred - is there a sequel?

Hi Kiltsissy<br />
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A nice story and welcome.<br />
It would be nice to participate in your next office walk lol.<br />
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I've worn mine too both ways indoors and out and find it attracts positive comments from lots of people mostly females. I agree that they are always very tactful about whats under the kilt whether you are wearing pants of some sort or not even if they have glimpsed which they usually go out of their way to do!<br />
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Happy kiltwearing.

Kiltysissy <br />
Keep wearing the kilt anywhere anytime it is the most comfortable garment a man can wearyou picked a good situation for your first kilted outing!!

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Welcome to the group and thank you for sharing your experience - was this your first time wearing the kilt or just your first time wearing it on a hike?<br />
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Those of us who wear the kilt on hillwalks etc would agree with your decision to leave the pants off and enjoy the pleasure of the wind up your nether regions, as you put it. The downside to this in Scotland is, of course, much more of you is then available for the dreaded midges to feast on, and it never fails to amaze me how easily so many of them manage to fly up a swinging kilt!<br />
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As for climbing over gates, styles, fences etc, as you say this is sometimes difficult to do modestly in the kilt and although you get better and more confident with practice, occasionally you just have to grin and bare it. However, you must have been amply compensated by your female companions in mini kilts faced with the same problem!<br />
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You were fortunate by your female companions "being respectful" to you being a true scot, as it has been my experience that female companions always seem to seize any and every opportunity to have a quick (or longer) peek, even to the extent of "helping" you over fences etc.<br />
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Do wear your kilt often - I'm sure we're all looking forward to you sharing the experience of your next outing.

That kilt is causing me all sorts of problems. Fortunately it's from the female of the species. People had turned up at my pub expecting me, but thanks to serious problems, never had time to change to go out in it.

Friday was nice and warm and I had been moaned at for not wearing it. So, I did. I got my mate to give me a lift to the High Street. Before he did, I was challenged hug a tree. Look up Tree Hugging Hippies on Facebook. I'm there with "First hug of the day"

Walking down the road, passing women, I got smiles from them. I said to my mate, that's given them something to talk about. it's made their day.

I got to the pub and twenty odd year old girls all kept looking. Even the staff in a shop came out to see what was going on. Girls seated at tables outside a wine bar kept looking and smiling. I can't understand why they wear trousers when it's hot.

A couple seated at one of the tables outside our pub asked me to sit with them. The tables were so squashed I had a job sitting down so I stood until I could fit in but seated sideways. Girls on the next table who were going to leave decided to stop a little longer.

The next day. I had to help out with a protest about them building on our green belt. One woman moaned that she had come from some way to see me in that kilt again. But she did get a lot of leaflets instead. I got home and got a complaint from a woman she had missed me in it, but I have said next week if it's warm I will wear it again.

What is it about kilts and women? (But I love it)

The other thing is now that thanks to Facebook, that kilt has an international following. Mostly USA. So it must be more "adventures in a kilt" soon.