Kilts In The Family

I started wearing a kilt when my mother got married to my stepfather. About a month before the wedding he brought my first kilt over and showed my how to wear it. It was a little embarrassing at first. He was a traditional nothing under. I went out to show my mom and she said how great and smart I looked. Walking around I realized I kinda liked it. We went out to dinner (he didnt want the first time I went out to be at the wedding.) That was when mom realized I didnt have anything on under (I hadn't figured out sitting and such yet.) She just said she shouldn't have been surprised.

Went to the wedding and there were others there - some around my age. Some wore something under and others didnt. I was glad to be in the crowd that didnt.

After that I was always happy for occasions to wear my kilt - and wound up getting some casual ones.

Flash forward. My wife and I have three sons - all of whom own kilts and wear them in the family tradition. One of the things my step father taught me was not to be ashamed to be a man (well...boy) so we spent a lot of time outdoors. He gave me my first beer. :) And he introduced me to skinny dipping...which my three have also taken up. I think part of that is that it taught us not to be shy about our bodies. We dont flaunt, but if a wind kicks up we dont feel like we have to hide either.
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awesome,I am a step dad and would love them (my stepsons) to wear my clan tartan. I take this as a lesson. You sound very lucky to have a good male role model

I was 11 when they got married.

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Enjoyed your story - just wondered what age you were when this happened?

Well - my mom had some rocky times with my biological father - but my step-dad was truly a great guy. I'm glad my wife and sons were able to get to know him. We all have our trauma growing up, but all in all I have to say I had a great childhood - and i'm trying to pass that along to my kids.