Kilted Weekend

Going out for some weekend hiking and the weather is perfect - so it's on with the kilts. We have a beautiful place we go to that has a great spring-fed swimming hole - and is far enough away that (so far) we've never seen anyone else there. Beautiful hike. The boys have been excited all week so if we can get out this afternoon we will - if not, first thing in the morning. Look out nature - the boys are back in town! :)
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There are lots of us who wear our kilts both casually and conventionally. When I was your age I led a youth club who chose to wear the kilt as a uniform. When we went camping they used to love just getting up and putting on their kilts and to heck with anything else. However, tell them that they were going into town, that was different, it was all dressed up and as smart as possible. I was very proud of those boys.

Thank you for your information ijarobb! Not many others that we hang out with that regularly wear a kilt - so its nice to hear from you! My guys love them as do I. How many boys were in your club - what ages? Any flack from parents about boys not wearing anything under their kilts?

There were 47 boys at its peak in the 1970's, and although some parents were cautious they accepted things as their son's choice. They were not under any compulsion and if they had strong objection they always had the option to stop their boys attending.

We had a great weekend. I will try to post more about it later.<br />
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Question - does anyone else wear their kilts with no shirt or with an undershirt only? (Casually, I mean.)