Kilt To School

When I was in primary school, I fell and tore my trousers. My mum sent me to school the next day with my kilt (that I wore to Sunday school etc) on with my uniform. The boys in the class took the mickey out of me for wearing a "skirt". Funny thing is they didn't say that when I wore it to Sunday school.

Later I wore one in the scouts, but after I left school, I never wore a kilt again until I was best man at a friends wedding. That was 10 years ago, and now I wear a kilt whenever I get an excuse.
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You do not need an excuse wear the kilt when you want I wear the kilt every day

skull55<br />
Good for you! Did you do it, and what reaction did you get? What do your parents think of it?

trews break, skin grows back, makes sense

im going to wear my kilt to school tomaro and probably made fun of but i now the other kids are just jelous and i live in the states so anything besides 'the right brand' is frowned appon

Hi ijarobb - when you were in school were under trews required or common? My tribe would wear them to school if they could.

Suggest you go to my profile and read my stories, then you will understand. Ian

This goes to show how the centers of our educational institutions of excellence very much let us down. As adults, looking back, we realise that it is pure jealousy of our peers, either that they do not have the opportunity or just see us as different. What I am getting at here is that support from the "teachers" to the ridiculed could have played down this behaviour. <br />
I attended a school where wearing the kilt was not considered unusual, and infact really enjoyed it. However, the time came for me to go to 'senior' school, and this was fee-paying, where suddenly I found attitudes were different. You would have thought the where affluence existed kilt wearing would have been acceptable, especially where the Cadet Corps wore kilts every Friday for parade. But no - those of us who did wear the kilt (approx 20%) were the focus of attention.<br />
I greatly admire the determination of 'deleted' to follow through and join our happy throng of kilt wearers today.

My own childhood experiences were very similar. As an "occasional" kilt wearer (church/sunday school/weddings/parties etc) no-one commented on the kilt on these occasions, but on the few times I wore the kilt to primary school, usually because I was being collected afterwards and being taken straight from school to a wedding or party, then it was totally different - loads of comments and centre of attention like bees round a honey pot!

wore one to school a few times as rule it was the first day of school me and my wife wore matching outfits just to hunt bullies