Wearing A Kilt In Edinburgh

I had not worn a kilt for many years - I now live in England, where I would feel altogether too conspicuous going about kilted - so, when I recently came to Edinburgh for a break, I decided to spend the week wearing a kilt.

I had a number of misgivings. (1) for many people, the kilt seems to be either "formal wear", or else it is worn to attend football or rugby matches! Would I be out of place wearing it in a "smart casual" way? (2) Would I be mistaken for a foreign tourist "dressing up" as a Scotsman? (3) Would there be unwelcome questions about underclothing?

In fact, it was an altogether positive experience. There were a number of very favourable comments. I always enjoyed wearing a kilt - finding it a very comfortable garment - and it was great to be able to enjoy wearing it again. There were no "negatives" at all, and I am really glad I overcame my misgivings. It is surprising that so few people seem to wear the kilt as everyday wear.
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Hi Exiledscot.
It was encouraging for me reading your story, as I am a Londoner who enjoys wearing a kilt (plus all the traditional day-wear and/or evening wear). I have only ever worn it within the confines of my own house, and would like to find locations/events where kilted spectators may be seen.

That's an encouraging story. You well identified your misgivings. I'm sure others would identify with them too. I hope to test the waters myself soon, and I'll report back to this group.

Exiledscot<br />
An enjoyable contribution - it's really good when new members actually post a kilted experience! Edinburgh is an excellent city for kilt wearing - as you say there are no negatives, only positives, and the many tourists there are delighted to see someone wearing the kilt other than staff in the tourist shops etc. You are not alone in wondering why so few wear the kilt as everyday wear, and this forum is full of similar comments from those of us who do, lamenting the lack of kilts other than at functions etc. Perhaps now you've worn it again you might be tempted to try it out in the streets at home!