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I was brought up in the late 50s and through the 60s in Aberdeen. During that time I wore the kilt every day from about the age of 4. In those days you wore what your parents told you to. I was kilted in school every day along with 4, sometimes 5 other boys in a class (in Primary) of about 33. Yes, we were often the targets of kilt lifting other boys ( it was an all male school) but in Primary you didn't really care if your pants were on view. In the playground you'd just as likely be upside down on a climbing frame or somesuch showing them off without even thinking about it. We all seemed to wear the same green girls pants - provided by my Mum. I've never known where she sourced them from. I had a younger sister so no 'inheritance' there. I also wore the kilt well throughout Secondary but towards the end of School with late 60s fashions taking hold, the kilt took a down swing in popularity and by 6th year I was only wearing a kilt for those 'must wear it' family events. I wanted to say though - in 1st and 2nd year of Secondary school - being kilt lifted began to take on more of an embarrassing turn - especially if you got 'lifted' in the street. Oddly this happened independently but almost simultaneously - I decided to stop wearing underwear under the kilt ( we'd all heard the thing about Scottish soldiers all our lives) as did the other perma-kilties. For me it started as a defence against persistent 'lifters'. Once they knew you were bare they stopped lifting your kilt. Remember this is the 1960's. Nobody wanted to be thought of as gay - certainly not a 13 year old schoolboy looking at another boys bare 'tackle'. We had a nearby all-girls school too and occasionally on the way home a boy on his own meeting a gaggle of similarly aged schoolgirls would suffer name calling but little or no 'lifting' - I think it would be a little different now! I wear the kilt a couple of times a week now and have done for many years - rarely if ever with underwear. Like it - there's nothing to beat it!
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A man after my own heart. Though you are a generation after me, I can well appreciate what you say. In my experience casual lifting when it was known you were 'bare' as very very seldom done.
I on the other hand am a daily wearer of the kilt, except when doing DIY, as I don't want to ruin it. I have specific old trousers for those occasions. I hate the feel of underwear under my kilt, not because of past trauma, but for the comfort and ease you experience. Obviously automatic care is taken when sitting, and great appreciation for individual privacy.
Your experience was in Aberdeen, mine was in Dundee.