Knickers In The Sporran

The sporran is normally a place for wallets hipflasks and phones, I was later to find it had a different purpose as an underwear locker.

I began the evening with the knickers on thinking I was sparing the blushes of the fairer sex in our company that evening.

I was young and the embarrassment of a hard on would have been too much to bear, plus I wasnt that big anyway so wasnt too keen on over exposure.

Christmas Dinner came and past with great success and we all had a great evening.

Helen had a few glasses of Merlot too many and had been round all three of the Kilties in our company.

To my embarrasment she publicly denounced me by lying on the ground in her ball gown as I was talking to someone and peered directly up my Kilt.

"Oh Stuart youve got a lovely bum its a shame your the only one with your pants on"

A scottish girl called Nikki who I really fancied was looking across in my direction smiling as she said it

I was crushed, I repaired to the gents and slid out of my dark blue undergarments and stowed them in my sporran and spent the rest of the evening salvaging my reputation by sitting inapproprately on a bar stool so everyone could see I was regimental.

It took me a long time to stop putting knickers in my sporran and am now quire happy to spend a weekend with nothing on.

Conversely I am now quite happy to wear something underneath as well even the bottle green knickers which match my kilt, probably a consequence of getting older.

Luckily Nikki did forgive me for over dressing.

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Oct 15, 2012