Hiking In A Kilt

I got my first kilt about a year ago for hiking. Once I wore it on the trail, I never looked back. I now own 2 kilts, (one for hiking and one for more formal affairs).

While I was on the trail to Half Dome in Yosemite, I passed a group of men filling their water bottles at a little-known spring. We exchanged pleasantries as I passed and I was on my way. About two days later a guy said, "Made it to the top?" I had kind of a puzzled look and he said to me,"you are at kind of a disadvantage. I'm one of thousands of guys wearing a t-shirt and khakis, while you are the only guy I've seen in a kilt !" He was the man I passed at the spring. We chatted for a few minutes.

I will NEVER hike in trousers again!
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I got my kilt just a week ago, have worn it shopping and to visit friends.
Wished I had got one years ago, i don't want to wear trousers any more.
Regards Richard

Glad to hear! Welcome to the brood laddie! Thanks for the read.

once you start wearing a kilt, pants don't feel the same

<p>Congratulations and welcome - a nice little story - hopefully the first of many -and another convert to the benefits of hiking in a kilt!</P><br />