New Zealanders Get Something More To Gossip About

I have just begun wearing my new kilt in New Zealand, for no other reason that it is my national dress and since I am a Scot I can hold my head high. Despite our Scottish roots, New Zealanders will do a double take. I have also had commendations from strangers. So far no trouble, which I imagine will come, if it does, from the teens. A kilt in the supermarket is a little unusual, but only one comment: "Good to see it!". A row of senior women in a shopping mall rotated their heads as I sailed by. I could almost hear the bones crack. My wife says they probably enjoyed it. I wore it at a coastal tourist town with no reaction at all. There were plenty of odd dressers there at the time. When I take my wife out I will wear it. She is having a little difficulty getting used to the transformation. So am I. It is Campbell of Argyll Modern, and I have a couple of silver heirlooms to wear with it. All very beautiful. Church on Sunday is the next event. We have Pacific peoples who sometimes wear their local costume, so I will feel at home.
Alexanderstreet Alexanderstreet
66-70, M
Nov 16, 2012