Kilted In Ga

i have been kilted for about 6month, i have always want one so i bought three sport kilts. if i am not at work , the kilt is on.i love to hike and ride my mountain bike in the kilt.i love to workout so i have big thighs and butt so a kilt is perfect for me. one day i would love to give up pants completely. windy days are a little tricky and my friends love to lift up my kilt at will. the only strange thing that happened to me so far was at a reststop when i was traveling. it was very lated and i had to stop to relieve myself when two drunk trashy men started calling me names, pulled on my kilt and groped me.i pushed them away and got out of there and did not look back.
stevbo1 stevbo1
46-50, M
4 Responses Jan 17, 2013

pants are gone

The behaviour of these small minded people just proves what we all say, they have no intelligence. Time they went back to school!

I am guessing by the kilt wearing and lifting you NEVER wear underwear underneath it??

Good for you, lad. Be proud of your heritage. I too wear a kilt and find them comfortable and quite practical.