Me And My Kilt

if i am not at work i am wearing a kilt, it just feels right to me. i can not worry about what people think. i love the way the kilt fits me and the way the material feels. i have a favorite greenway that i walk my dog and get alot of compliments about my kilt. i did have a little trouble when i road my mountain bike on a rough trails with my guys. the day was very windy and the trail was not mantain well so there was alot of brush and branches that caught and pulled up my kilt. my friends riding behind me got the full view, but i finished the trail, it was a good day
stevbo1 stevbo1
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

by full view do you mean full view of your bare *** and naked balls and penis??

I hope you wear the kilt on a bike without underwear....

it is just me under my kilt