Real Men Wear Kilts

My Father-in-law was the site manger for the Arizona Ren Faire and I wanted to work out there because I thought it'd be fun and I could use the extra $. They require you to dress in costume and I was looking for a kilt and stumbled on the Utilikilt website, I thought they were awesome so I got one. I liked wearing it so much that I started wearing it more and more often. At the time I worked for a large metro corporation and they were giving me grief for wearing shorts to work in the Phoenix summer so I thought to my self "No shorts huh? Okay let's see what you think of this" so I wore my kilt to work hoping to start some sh*t. They didn't say anything and I was spoiling for a fight so I wore it again and again and again. I wore a kilt almost everyday for 4 years. I got nothing but great comments from everyone I worked with so that's why I wear it as often as possible. I just don't understand why I ever wore pants...
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<p>So last year we cleared off to Scotland for two weeks and on goes my kilt. It was our anniversary. We were getting ready to go out for posh meal with a friend and I had my kilt, shirt, socks and shoes when the fire alarm went off. I slipped a jacket on and out we went. The manageresss said I didn't have to get dressed for the fire drill. The next day i told her she deliberately set the alarms off hoping all the young fit blokes would rush out naked. She told me I looked great in the kilt Later we were picked up and the girl cab driver said it was a bonny kilt. (The formal modern one).</p><p>Then after a few days we moved onto the highlands. I wore the medium weight (ancient)one and went to Braemar. I asked my wife to get the papers, but she said I should get them. I wanted to wear the outfit, so wear the outfit I will. In the shop they said I looked smart. In the hotel all the girls said I looked terrific in the heavyweight modern kilt and I was told that the kilt really suited me. </p><p>Last new years Eve, I got out of the cab and some girls commented how wonderful the outfit looked. Tomorrow I am wearing the medium weight one all day and off to a Burns Night supper in our pub. If anybody has a problem with it, that's their problem not mine.</p>
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you are so right, not everybody is a creep.i have been stopped by people thinking they had something lame to say and all they wanted to do is give me a compliment or ask me were they can get one.once you start wearing a kilt , pants don't feel the same

dude, cool story. i'm inspired now to get out my survival kilt and start wearing it again.

2010. In Castle Douglas, a young gorgeous looking Polish girl (early twenties) wanted to talk to me. When I wore my trousers, she didn't want to know.

Just a few day before last New Years Eve, I was waiting at a bus stop when a mate walked up and asked what I was doing for New Years Eve. I told him. "Are you wearing your kilt?" he asked and some woman who was there butted in "A kilt. How absolutely lovely" So now I've learned, if any male says you are a bit effeminate, they don't know the reactions from women. I would say 90% of women love a man in a kilt. They may not like the wear though.

The girls in my pub keep asking me to wear my kilt. I am doing it on Monday.

Burns night finished up with me turning up at 12.30 next day.

As we can't go away, I warned everybody I'm bringing Scpotland to my home town. If anyone doesn't like it tough. But I keep being asked to wear the kilt
by some of the girls.