Getting it Right.

The best bit of advice I ever received about the kilt was from a cousin of mine who is a soldier in the RRoS. I was asking some advice about wearing the kilt (actually, about what to wear under it...) and he said to me that even as a civilian Scot, I should treat the kilt as a uniform: if you wear it, you should wear it properly, and if you aren't willing to wear it properly, you shouldn't be wearing it all.

Ever since then, when I'm putting on the kilt, I try to make sure that everything, from the sporran to the socks, from the shine of my shoes to the collar of my shirt, is as perfect as I can make it (so that if some imaginary officer inspected me, they wouldn't find a fault!). I don't always achieve that perfection, but I think it's worth the effort trying - there's nothing better as a Scotsman than striding out perfectly dressed in your kilt and knowing you look and feel amazing.
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I agree with you. I always wear a shirt when I'm kilted and make sure that the rest matches. It's a different matter at home around the house though. It's usually a kilt and the rest casual.

I spotted a lady in town yesterday, about sixty-ish, she was wearing a proper dark green ladies kilt with a patterned blouse and a jacket. She really stood out from the crowd.

Ah, yes, don't get me wrong, I like to wear the kilt casually, as well as formally (though formal kilt wearing is the best of all I think)! But the important thing for me is to make sure that whatever level of formality I'm wearing the kilt for, I have the full outfit exactly the way it should be.

So if I'm off to a formal black tie dinner, I will dress to the nines with a Prince Charlie jacket, low waistcoat, wing collar marcella shirt with studs and double cuffs, proper bow tie that I tie myself, modern tartan kilt, formal sporran, black socks, fully pulled up with matching flashes, ghillie brogues and my most formal sgian dubh. But if I'm off to a Scotland rugby game, I'll have on the current Scotland rugby top, my 'casual' kilt, which sits lower and is a little lighter, some boots and rolled down socks (maybe navy blue), and one of my casual sporrans.

And regardless,I'll be regularly making sure my kilt is sitting exactly right, my socks are exactly where they should be, and my sporran hasn't swung round my side while I wasn't looking!

It's when you see people wearing, for instance, a causal sporran to a black tie event, or a Prince Charlie jacket to a semi-formal day event, that things start to get less than ideal.

(And I never ever, under any circumstances, go near a ghillie shirt, because they are never *ever* the right thing to wear! ;)

Do you wear any panties or knickers underneath the kilt.

No. When I first wore a kilt I did wear boxer briefs, but after plenty of peer pressure and after that particular conversation with my cousin, I accepted that it was my duty as Scotsman to respect tradition, and go regimental. And once I'd tried it for the first time, I'm proud to say I've never gone back, and have always been a true Scotsman since – no matter how much embarrassment that might occasionally cause me, or how self-conscious it can sometimes make me feel.